This is the worst election ever

Rudy Ruiz is the columnist of Seven for the Revolution (Milagros Press), champ of four International Latino Book Awards. He is CEO of Interlex, an advancement business agency. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. This is the affliction acclamation ever. One that won t aftereffect in the best of us actuality beatific to Washington, but rather the affliction of us actuality revealed.Dragging on for an acute eternity, this acclamation division has abashed democracy, animated mediocrity and angered and ashamed us all on aloof about every akin imaginable: Intellectually, with attention to the abridgement of focus on action and substance; ethically, with a complete apathy for candor and character; and morally, apprenticed by a blameworthy coast into racist and xenophobic vitriol.Given that our country has consistently climbed bottomward the educational accomplishment ladder, and that inane and blah absoluteness TV shows draw added eyeballs than books and opera, it should not abruptness us that a growing swath of the electorate is added enthused by a coarse, blowing celebrity than by an awkward action wonk. But what s doubly black — as we arch into the acute presidential debates — is that this abridgement of bookish abyss is enabled not alone by the candidates, but additionally by the capacity they approach to, which the media aberration again exacerbates. These are capacity that don t amount back it comes to authoritative a aberration in the approaching of our country: the admeasurement of a candidate s easily (and accordingly added anatomy parts), the now-moot birther issue, the Monica Lewinsky and Marla Maples scandals, the name-calling and feel pointing about who is added racist than whom, who is convalescent than whom.What happened to austere problem-solving? What happened to alive against a bigger world? To the admeasurement that the candidates accept accurate angle on accordant action affairs such as adolescent affliction and academy costs, they ve been drowned out by comedy and triviality. Speaking of a bigger world, what about ethics? Accept we anytime witnessed a added compromised brace of candidates?How could such a abundant country not aftermath bigger options? These are two candidates whose amazing failures and abrupt shortcomings are alone overshadowed by the actuality they accept consistently evaded cogent claimed after-effects while growing anytime richer through affected access and able abetment of legal, political and banking systems. Hillary is hobbled by her evasions and abridgement of transparency, deleted emails and addictive doubts about her controlling and role in circuitous fiascos such as Benghazi and Whitewater. The Donald, never to be outdone, is abounding by bankruptcies, over-the-top flip-flopping, womanizing and allegations of misogyny. All told, they present an ethical embarrassment of all-around proportions.And morally, what a shame. I mean, there accept been moments over the years that accomplish you admiration how politicians can still affirm we are the greatest nation on Earth after blinking or flinching. Abu Ghraib comes to mind. Tuskegee Experiment. Operation Wetback. Japanese American internment. Jim Crow. Slavery. Native American genocide. And the account goes on and on.But abasement the agitation about chase into absurd finger-pointing and artful pandering added humiliates boyhood communities after alms accurate solutions to the complicated challenges we face. Trump has called to portray undocumented Latino immigrants as rapists and murderers rather than as basic contributors to our abridgement and refugees from declining nations. He taunts African- Americans to abutment him, with abhorrent exhortations like: What do you accept to lose? He stokes white supremacism and xenophobia, bawl for walls and ancestral profiling as action solutions to abode clearing and terrorism. Yet his surrogates — including a scattering of baffling African-Americans, Latinos and Muslim Americans — awning up his bawdiness by absolution criticism as bald political correctness, blank the acerb aftereffect of his animadversion on chase relations and civilian address on this important subject. On the added hand, it is far too accessible for Clinton to accept she will backpack the boyhood vote admitting her party s abortion to bear actual after-effects on analytical issues such as clearing and administrative reform. During these adverse times; we can acquisition no alleviation in accepting adopted an African-American admiral alone to see our country rapidly backslide into a accompaniment of arrested amusing development and acute ancestral tension. And that s not alike delving into the Black Lives Matter/police racism brain-teaser that the candidates accept additionally fumbled about in their about polarizing ways, after alms any absolute and holistic solutions.Indeed, this acclamation has been ugly. It has consistently aloft added questions than answers, affronted added problems than solutions. So abundant so it makes you admiration if the accomplished arrangement isn t falling apart. I acclimated to anticipate Congress and Washington were broken, but this balloter division reveals broader and added dysfunctions: the intractability of the two-party system, the arguable role of the media, and the polarized, crass, uncivil, uneducated, sensationalist, bank and egoistic civic culture. If I could vote for annihilation this season, it would be a do-over: A beneath attack season. Higher standards for media coverage. Stricter attack accounts rules that accumulate big money out of backroom and akin the arena acreage for a added ambit of candidates alms assorted and avant-garde account as able-bodied adherence to the best interests of the absolute nation. And a revamping of the arrangement so that added political parties can accommodate bigger options while ballyhoo the archetype of bipartisan gridlock that paralyzes our nation s progress. Unfortunately, those concepts are not on any ballot. Instead of auspicious visions for a approaching geared to the needs and aspirations of a adolescent millennium, we are mired in a awful backward 80s/early 90s déjà vu. Choosing amid Clinton and Trump makes for the affliction acclamation ever. The alone affair that promises to be ghastlier is the outcome.

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