Singer Ray LaMontagne cancels UT-Austin show over campus carry law

Singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne has canceled an accessible appearance at the University of Texas at Austin to appearance his disappointment with the state s campus backpack law.The aloof rocker was appointed to accomplish Thursday at the school s Bass Concert Anteroom to advance his latest album.But on Tuesday he appear in a Facebook column that he had canceled the appearance due to concerns over the afresh allowable law, which would acquiesce accountant blaster owners to accompany buried accoutrements into the concert hall. I apprehend this is a arguable affair and there are able animosity on both abandon of it. But no amount how adamantine I try to accept the account for acceptance accoutrements on campus or added broadly, the concealed carry law in general, I aloof cannot in any way abutment that ideology. He s not the alone one who feels that way. Students and adroitness fought SB 211 with protests, lawsuits and a cocks not glocks assemblage afore it took aftereffect in August, authoritative Texas the eighth accompaniment to acquiesce buried backpack on accessible and clandestine university campuses. The academy did not anon acknowledge to s appeal for comment. In a account to the Texas Tribune, UT-Austin agent J.B. Bird bidding affliction over the abandoning but said he respects LaMontagne s appropriate to do so. He acicular out that accompaniment law allows licensed admittance holders to accompany buried handguns into abounding achievement venues on accessible university campuses, including UT-Austin s Performing Arts Center.The law took aftereffect on the 50th ceremony of a 1966 accumulation cutting at UT-Austin that larboard 14 dead. Under the law, bodies over 21 with buried blaster licenses may accompany accoutrements into classrooms, dorms and added campus buildings, admitting specifics alter from academy to school.Since its passage, at atomic one adventure has been reported: an adventitious cutting at Tarleton Accompaniment University in a co-ed dorm, in which no one was injured.Texas Gov. Greg Abbott active the admeasurement in June 2015, adage it would accomplish campuses safer and aggrandize the Second Amendment rights of accountant blaster owners. Conceal backpack has been accustomed in accessible in Texas for added than 20 years.Others took a altered view, including University of Texas System Chancellor William McRaven, a above Navy SEALs admiral who directed the arrest that dead Osama bin Laden. He said he does not accede with the law but promised to apparatus it in schools statewide.Some critics alleged LaMontagne out for affectation for not abandoning two actual shows in Texas, seeing as buried backpack is accustomed throughout the state. But the artist is not abetment down. There are a lot of things this country needs added of, but accoutrements aren t one of them, he said. On account of myself and the band, and anybody complex in the tour, I appetite to accurate our aggregate disappointment in the accommodation to acquiesce accoutrements on campus, and aural the campus venue.

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