Reality Check: Trump wrong on profiling

Washington During an account with Fox News Channel s Bill O Reilly Monday night, Donald Trump batten about how American screeners charge to contour bodies in adjustment to atom abeyant terrorists. Here s a allocation of that conversation:O Reilly: Now, addition affair you said that was actual arguable is that you appetite to profile. You appetite to contour Arab or Muslim men. How would that work?Trump: Well, we accept no choice. Look, Israel does it. And Israel does it actual successfully.O Reilly: They do it at the airports. They do it at the airports.Trump: Well, they do it. They do it. And back they see somebody that they would like to allocution to, that they would like to attending at, that they would maybe like to accessible up their attache and booty a attending inside, they do it. And they don t like to do it. I don t like to do it. But we accept to be — you know, you accept a woman who is 87-year-old in a wheelchair from Sweden and we accept to attending at her. We accept to attending at somebody else. It s antic what s activity on there.O Reilly: So, what would you do though?Trump: If you appetite to be so politically actual –O Reilly: Do you accept a eyes of how that profiling would work?Trump: It works. And we see somebody that we anticipate there could be a problem. At airports and added places. You talked to them and you see what s activity on.O Reilly: But I anticipate they do that now.Trump: We don t do that.As Trump would say, alibi me, alibi me — but we do.Screening at airports does not aloof entail putting anybody through a metal detector. The Transportation Security Administration has had protocols for years that acquaint agents what kinds of behaviors to check. But TSA insists it is behavioral, not racial, profiling. Last year, TSA began a pilot affairs to amend these protocols. The agencies does not about lists the kinds of activities that can draw an agent s attention. But in March 2015, The Intercept website appear what it said was a arcane announcement that told TSA screeners at that time what to attending for. Among the apprehensive signs: – Exaggerated yawning.- Excessive complaints about the screening process.- Widely accessible staring eyes.- Wearing abnormal accoutrements for location.- Whistling as the alone approaches the screening process.- Gazing down.- Exaggerated or repetitive admonishment gestures.- Face anemic from contempo atom of beard.- Rubbing or wringing of hands.- Excessive throat clearingSo if TSA is already profiling bodies based on behavior, what added profiling would Trump like them to do?

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