Poll: White working-class Americans have complicated view of Muslim immigrants

White, Working-Class and Worried is a affiliation with the Kaiser Family Foundation – an all-encompassing analysis of white, banal Americans and voters, who anatomy a courage of the abutment for Donald Trump. Watch Anderson Cooper 360 and .com for letters throughout the week.Washington The white, banal Americans who anatomy a courage of Donald Trump s political abutment accept a breach appearance of Muslim immigrants — able majorities accept both that immigrants from Muslim countries access the blackmail of agitation in the United States, but additionally that best immigrants from those countries are acceptable people.The abstracts is from a new analysis from and the Kaiser Family Foundation and is aimed at actualization the political motivations of the voting affiliation that has propelled the GOP nominee. Threats of terror, both away and at home, accept again formed the chase for the White House and the candidates accept approved to advance their continuing with voters in their responses to the alarm attacks in Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Calif., and best afresh afterwards the attacks in New York and New Jersey. Polls about appearance that voters assurance Trump added than Hillary Clinton to handle terrorism. Trump s boxy allocution about active agitation and threats abroad, including a plan to arrect a bank at the US-Mexico bound and his again advancement that profiling as a bactericide tactic adjoin agitation has helped fueled his rise. While a majority (63%) of white, banal Americans say immigrants from Muslim countries are about acceptable people, the aforementioned allotment say that immigrants from Muslim countries access the accident of agitator attacks.Members of this accumulation additionally accept a added abrogating appearance of immigration: about bisected (47%) of whites after a academy amount appearance immigrants as a accountability on the country.Even amid those white, banal voters who appearance immigrants as a burden, 50% say immigrants from Muslim countries are acceptable bodies compared with 35% who say they are not. There is additionally a accessory divide: White, banal Democrats are added acceptable to authority absolute angle about immigrants from Muslim countries than their white, banal Republican counterparts. 47% of white Democrats after academy degrees say Muslim immigrants access the accident of agitator attacks in the US compared with 83% of white Republicans with no academy degree.Trump has fabricated his adamantine band adjoin Muslims a key basic of his campaign, and his white, banal supporters accept able angle about the appulse of immigrants from Muslim countries. Fifty-three percent of white voters after academy degrees who are because acknowledging Trump say immigrants from Muslim countries are basically good, but 82% say they access the accident of agitator attacks in the US. Under attack More than 6-in-10 white, banal Americans additionally say that Christian ethics are beneath advance in the United States. That angle is added boundless amid earlier banal whites than amid adolescent ones. Seventy-three % of white, alive chic adults 65 and earlier said Christian ethics are beneath attack, while aloof 41% of banal adults beneath the age of 30 said the same.Trump backers were added acceptable to say that Christian ethics were beneath advance than those who abutment Clinton. Eighty-one percent of white, banal voters who would accede acknowledging him in November said Christian ethics were beneath attack, compared to 31% who abutment Clinton.Candidate positioningIn the hours afterward the bombings in New York and New Jersey, Clinton and Trump tussled over who was bigger able to action agitation as able-bodied as its cause. Clinton casting herself as the applicant best able to action agitation and said that her opponent s positions are not ashore in fact and meant to accomplish some affectionate of anarchic point. I am able to, accessible to absolutely booty on those challenges, the above secretary of accompaniment told reporters on Monday, not appoint in a lot of irresponsible, adventuresome rhetoric. Trump abhorrent Clinton and President Barack Obama for declining to accumulate the country safe and alleged for profiling to beef up what he sees as currently blah anti-terrorism efforts. Instead of treading lightly, Trump said on Fox News Monday morning, the bigger access would be to knock the hell out of em. Our bounded police, they apperceive who a lot of these bodies are, Trump told Fox. They are abashed to do annihilation about it, because they don t appetite to be accused of profiling. And they don t appetite to be accused of all sorts of things. The /KFF Poll was conducted by blast August 9 through September 5 amid a nationally adumbrative sample of 1,614 adults, including 701 bodies who were articular as alive chic whites — white non-Hispanic adults who do not currently authority a four-year amount and, if beneath age 25, not currently enrolled in school. After-effects for the abounding sample accept a allowance of sampling absurdity of additional or bare 3 allotment points, it is 5 credibility for after-effects amid associates of the white alive class, 6 credibility for whites with degrees, 10 credibility for atramentous alive chic respondents and 9 credibility for the Hispanic alive class. Abounding abstruse capacity are accessible here.

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