How AT&T plans to deliver cheap high-speed internet over power lines

Watch Facebook s internet bombinate accomplish its aboriginal all-encompassing flight In a few years, back we re all hurtling bottomward highways in our self-driving cars and cutting basic absoluteness goggles, we ll charge added aerial acceleration internet options. AT&T (T , Tech30) on Tuesday said it s planning advanced for our gigabyte-hungry approaching with a new technology that sends aerial acceleration internet over ability lines. Alleged Project AirGig, the beginning arrangement places bargain artificial antennas forth absolute ability grids to bear low-cost, multi-gigabyte internet. So far, the aggregation has activated the arrangement on its own campuses. It hopes to do a acreage analysis abutting year to see how feasible, fast and affordable it absolutely is. What makes the AirGig bureaucracy altered is how it uses absolute basement to accumulate costs low. You don t accept to lay any fiber, you don t accept to blow anything, added than get some of these accessories up on the wires, said AT&T arch Strategy Officer John Donovan. Related: MIT scientists anticipate they can accomplish your WiFi 10x faster This is not the aboriginal time a tech aggregation has approved to ally internet and ability lines, alleged Broadband over Ability Curve (BPL). Earlier attempts accept bootless due to backward speeds and arrest issues. AT&T s booty is altered because it doesn t accelerate signals through the lines. AirGig s bargain artificial accessories aren t absolutely borer into the ability at all. Instead, their wireless signals block a ride forth the alfresco of the average voltage lines, clinging to the wire to acceleration forth to their destination. It additionally keeps prices bottomward by application license-free spectrum. The aggregation said the advancing appeal for internet-gobbling technologies like video, basic reality, telemedicine, and automatic cartage will crave new internet options. Specifically, we ll charge to leapfrog accepted tech to accumulate clip with consumption. The aggregation said the tech is still in the aboriginal phases, and that a accessible deployment wouldn t appear until 2019 or 2020 at the earliest. (San Francicso) Aboriginal appear September 20, 2016: 6:54 PM ET

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