Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva to stand trial for corruption

A Brazilian adjudicator has absitively that the bribery case adjoin above Brazilian admiral Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, his wife, and six others will move forward, according to accompaniment media. Agencia Brasil letters that Adjudicator Sergio Moro, who s been arch a bribery delving at the state-run oil aggregation Petrobras, disqualified on Tuesday that there is abundant affirmation for Lula, as he is universally known, and the others to angle trial. Aftermost week, Brazilian prosecutors presented bribery accuse apropos to the Operation Car Wash money bed-making investigation. Prosecutors adduce the above admiral benefited from illicit advances in affiliation with a advance of a triplex in a bank boondocks abreast Sao Paulo.Lula da Silva beatific out a alternation of tweets afterwards the accuse were filed, calling them fiction and claiming he had been a victim of acutely austere illegalities, according to the ex-president s defense. I account institutions, I account the law, he added at his account appointment aftermost anniversary afterwards the accuse were presented. I will accord as abounding testimonies as I charge to, he said. Call me and I will be there because the alone affair that I am appreciative of is that I becoming the appropriate to airing with my arch captivated up aerial in this country. What s abutting for Brazil afterwards Dilma Rousseff?Popular presidencyLula da Silva, 65, was inaugurated as Brazil s admiral in 2003 and calmly won his bid for a additional term. He was succeeded by his political heir, Dilma Rousseff, who was ousted from appointment aftermost ages back Senate colleagues voted to accuse her for declared bribery of funds. Lula accomplished his additional appellation in January 2011 with a 90% approval rating, aloof months afore it was appear he would abide chemotherapy for a cancerous bump in his larynx. His blight was begin to be in complete absolution in February 2012.When the above admiral was questioned by badge in March over allegations of corruption, he acerb denied them. The aforementioned day he was questioned, authorities searched his home, the Lula Institute and his son s home, amid added locations.Lula da Silva said he hopes the latest allegations will be the aftermost in what he considers a political witch hunt, one that s already affected Brazilian House Speaker Eduardo Cunha, forth with Rousseff, out of the office. This atypical is advancing to an end, Lula da Silva said. They accept answerable Cunha, they accept gone afterwards Dilma and now they charge to achieve this novel. Who is the criminal? Let s accord an end to this novel. Let s end with the political activity of Lula. s Marilia Brocchetto and Julia Jones in Atlanta contributed to this report

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