Fiat Spider — Italian fun via Japan

Fiat revives the 124 Spider I spent a anniversary with the new Fiat 124 Spider and I put a lot of afar on that little car. I admit, I became affectionate of attached. The aboriginal affair I did was beat aback that atramentous bolt top and booty the Fiat on a about bristles hour drive to the tiny boondocks of Painted Post in western New York. There, I met up with four of my brothers and a nephew who had all apprenticed there in their archetypal sports cars for the Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix weekend. My oldest brother, Andy, was there with his 1964 Porsche 356, Carlos and Dan with Carlos 1960 Triumph TR3 and my brother Mark and his son, Jonathan, in Mark s 1964 Triumph TR4. OK, so I affectionate of cheated by assuming up in a cast new car with three-point assurance belts and airbags additional a assurance with chargeless roadside abetment instead of a attache abounding of accoutrement in the trunk. Still, the red Fiat fit appropriate in. It s a fun little sports car with a admirable turbocharged four-cylinder engine, aloof absolute council and, I think, abundant looks. We took three of the cars — the TR4, the Porsche and the Fiat (FCAM ) — on a meandering sports car bout that started at a Finger Lakes winery and concluded up in city Watkins Glen. Among all the archetypal Corvettes — the featured archetypal at this year s contest — MG s and Maseratis, the Fiat had me activity appropriate at home. I followed my brothers as we collection forth agee roads. By the end, we d all gotten afar from the accumulation and from anniversary other, but we fabricated it aback calm in city Watkins Glen area all the participants anchored their cars for accessible inspection. The Fiat got affluence of admiring looks and questions. The new Fiat Spider shares a lot with Mazda MX-5. You can acquaint that, abnormally back beheld from the side. It s additionally congenital in Japan, not in Italy. But the engine, at least, is ablaze Italian. With a amount tag about $28,000, the hardly comfortable Fiat Spider Lusso I was active amount about the aforementioned as a analogously chic Mazda. Related: Watkins Glen with brothers, cars and memories of Dad It was acute of the bodies at Fiat to aggregation up with Mazda. The MX-5 Miata is, simply, the best affordable sports car you can find. It s fun, efficient, and quick. And so is the Fiat Spider. The council awareness is aloof perfect. It s not ever abundant and bumps don t abuse to rip the caster from your hands, but there is still that affectionate activity of control. After we anchored our cars, my brothers, my nephew, and I had a bench to watch some of the added cars go by. The Fiat s autogenous is abundantly the aforementioned as the Miata s, but with some nicer abstracts actuality and there. It additionally shares one of the Miata s best features, a manually operated top that can be bound opened or bankrupt appropriate from the driver s bench in a brace of seconds. I never had to wonder, Should I bother blurred the top for this abbreviate drive? Of advance I should bother. It takes about as abundant time as aperture the door. Although not mind-blowing, the 160-horsepower agent is affluence able enough. Ride affection is added than appropriate for such a baby car, and absolute weight antithesis had me activity at the centermost of the action. It s attenuate to drive a car, abnormally at this price, that fits so able-bodied about the driver. Sports car purists will apparently adopt the Miata. It s a adumbration lighter and feels aloof bit added active and edgy. But, to me, the Spider was nicer — added adequate and added acclimatized — for a continued drive. I enjoyed the added accidental feel. The affair that afraid me best was the transmission. At first, I was blue to see that the car I d be active to Watkins Glen had an automated transmission. It seemed so wrong. What s the fun of a little sports car with a four-cylinder agent if you re not alive apparatus yourself? But it angry out to be affluence of fun, actually. The automated was altogether acquainted so that I could, essentially, about-face apparatus with my appropriate foot. A little advance on the gas pedal brought a quick downshift. If I kept my bottom down, it captivated that lower accessory until I let off again. I couldn t accept asked for better. Now, if I were affairs myself a Fiat Spider, I d apparently still get the chiral transmission. After all, le cose si fanno cosi. In a car like this, it s the way it s done. (Painted Post, NY) Aboriginal appear September 20, 2016: 5:00 PM ET

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