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Samsung s latest Galaxy Note 7 headache is in China

No curve in Seoul for Samsung anamnesis Samsung is adverse a new claiming to its acceptability afterwards letters of Galaxy Note 7 fires in China, a bazaar that was not included in its across-the-board anamnesis of the awry smartphone. The letters affirmation that at atomic two Note 7s accept bent blaze in China, which is the world s better smartphone bazaar and a key battlefield for Samsung. Samsung has rebutted at atomic one of the reports, adage Monday that it had conducted a detailed analysis of a Note 7 that was appear to accept bent blaze and begin that the accident was acquired by an alien calefaction antecedent rather than the device s battery. The phone s buyer drew media absorption in China by announcement photos of the broiled buzz online. Another Note 7 blaze was appear Monday, according to Chinese accompaniment media. Samsung didn t anon acknowledge to a appeal for animadversion on that incident. Related: Samsung begins exchanging Note 7 phones in South Korea When it appear the massive Note 7 anamnesis on Sept. 2, Samsung said the Chinese bazaar wasn t afflicted because the batteries in the phones awash there came from a altered supplier than the fire-prone ones. But a Chinese regulator aftermost anniversary appear the anamnesis of added than 1,800 Note 7 phones with potentially ambiguous batteries that had been awash in China afore the official release. Now, the world s better smartphone maker is adverse claims that it s not alleviative Chinese barter fairly. The website of Global Times, a abridged bi-weekly affiliated with the cardinal Communist Party, appear two accessories criticizing Samsung on Tuesday. One cited an able as adage that Samsung should explain how the Note 7 batteries in the Chinese bazaar alter from those in the blow of the world. Fang Xindong, administrator of the International Internet Research Institute at Shantou University, accused Samsung of double standards in China compared with Western countries. Related: Galaxy Note 7 replacements advancing Wednesday in U.S. In its account Monday, Samsung said it remains committed to researching and designing articles and casework that accommodated Chinese customers demands, appropriately accouterment the best artefact acquaintance for Chinese consumers. But some bodies on Chinese amusing media bidding skepticism. In acknowledgment to the Samsung account on the Twitter-like belvedere Weibo, the user deemster_kyle accused the aggregation of playing a bedraggled ambush in China. Samsung began exchanging customers Note 7 phones for new ones in its home bazaar of South Korea on Monday. In the U.S., the backup affairs is due to alpha Wednesday. The aggregation said the array botheration had been begin in a tiny atom of Note 7 phones but it was replacing all those with the potentially adulterated batteries because our customers assurance is an complete priority. Aviation authorities about the apple accept warned Note 7 owners not to use or allegation the phones on planes. — Paula Hancocks and Nanlin Fang contributed to this report. (Hong Kong) First appear September 20, 2016: 3:31 AM ET

George Soros is investing $500 million to help refugees

George Soros in 82 Seconds George Soros latest advance move? Refugees. The Hungarian-American billionaire said Tuesday he will advance $500 actor into companies and startups founded by migrants and refugees, as able-bodied as businesses and initiatives that abode the needs of refugees and their host communities. Soros, who in 1947 fled Hungary for England, said he will assignment with all-embracing organizations that advice refugees to actuate how to advance the money, but he hinted that tech is one acceptable benefactor. We will seek investments in a array of sectors, amid them arising agenda technology, which seems abnormally able as a way to accommodate solutions to the accurate problems that confused bodies generally face, Soros said in a statement. Being able to acquaint is acute for refugees. Last week, a abstraction by the U.N. Aerial Commissioner for Refugees and Accenture begin that adaptable phones and Internet admission are now as analytical to refugees assurance and aegis as food, apartment and water. Technology can advice bodies get admission to government, legal, banking and bloom services, Soros said. Technology is acute for refugees. Related: How this Vietnamese refugee became Uber s CTO The investments will be endemic by Soros nonprofit organizations. These investments are advised to be acknowledged … but our primary focus is to actualize articles and casework that absolutely account migrants and host communities, he said. In an assessment commodity in the Wall Street Journal, Soros wrote that his capital affair is to advice migrants and refugees accession in Europe, but that he will be attractive for acceptable advance account to account migrants everywhere. More than 65 actor bodies common accept been affected to abscond their homes, according to the Office of the United Nations Aerial Commissioner for Refugees. Amid them are about 21.3 actor refugees, over bisected of whom are beneath the age of 18. A almanac 1.3 actor migrants activated for cover in Europe in 2015, about bifold the antecedent high. The cardinal of bodies beat to Europe has sparked conflicts amid alone European countries, who accept so far bootless to accede on a solution. (London) First appear September 20, 2016: 9:38 AM ET

Can Google help fix India s shortage of women?

India s newspapers are booming India wants Silicon Valley s tech giants to advice break an abnormal problem: The country has far too abounding men. Because of a alternative for macho children, India has one of the better gender imbalances in the world. Men now outnumber women by 43 million, according to the United Nations. The alterity is growing admitting bans on abortions based on the sex of a child. It s alike actionable for doctors to use an ultrasound to actuate the sex of a fetus. Analysts say both measures accept fabricated little difference. Now, India s Bloom Ministry has accustomed a charge from Microsoft (MSFT , Tech30) , Yahoo (YHOO , Tech30) and Google (GOOG ) to bind the advance of tests that can actuate the gender of an approaching child, according to Bindu Sharma, the agency s administrator of prenatal diagnostics. Google accepted its affiance in a account to , adage that it would attach to Indian regulations and not acquiesce advertisements or promotions of casework that would acquiesce for prenatal sex assurance and selection. Keeping in apperception the sensitivities absorbed to this issue, and to ensure that our technology is actuality acclimated to barrier this astern practice, we accept absitively to attenuate assertive agreement from actualization as autocomplete predictions and affectation a admonishing bulletin on accordant searches to acquaint users of the actionable attributes of this subject, a agent said. Yahoo and Microsoft did not acknowledge to requests for comment. Related: India s richest man offers chargeless 4G to one billion bodies It s not bright how able the agenda measures will be. In contempo years, Indian courts accept been asked to force the chase companies ban all after-effects with advice on sex selection, not aloof advertisements. The connected gender alterity suggests that a able preferences for macho babies persists in India, and that the prohibitions on sex-selective abortions and ultrasounds — both implemented two decades ago — accept not worked. Related: 900 actor Indians can t get online. Here s why. Research suggests ample gender imbalances can accept abstruse consequences, such as added crime, animal assaults and abandon adjoin women. The UN begin in 2015 that alike afterwards birth, girls are at a audible disadvantage in the country. Higher bloodshed amid girls can be carefully accompanying to a accepted alternative for sons in India, which is bidding in appropriate analysis for boys in agreement of affectionate advance in nutrition, vaccinations, admission to bloom analysis and affectionate care, the UN said in a report. (New Delhi) First appear September 20, 2016: 5:44 AM ET

iPhone 7 woes: Is Hissgate the new Bendgate ?

We spent a day with the iPhone 7 If your new iPhone 7 is authoritative a aberrant hissing or active noise, you re not alone. Apple has accustomed a alternation of complaints that the Buzz 7 and 7 Plus are abounding an abnormal bustling complete back processor-intensive apps, such as gaming, are used. The abnormality has already been alleged Hissgate on Twitter, with bodies tweeting clips of their phones authoritative the noise. Two years ago, Apple faced Bendgate, a appellation coined by the internet afterwards users apparent the iPhone 6 Plus angled beneath assertive amounts of pressure. It is alien as of now how abounding accessories are afflicted or the account of the issue. Apple has not yet responded to a appeal for comment. Video fabricated with hissing / active iPhone 7 #noise #HissGate #buzzgate— EmBee (@EmBee82) September 18, 2016 This isn t the alone affair afflictive the latest iPhones. Some users accept accomplished problems with its new EarPods, which affix to both phones through the Lightning port. Afterwards active in the EarPods, the aggregate ascendancy allocation of the bond — in some cases — stops alive several account later. Others accept appear issues with the new adapter that connects acceptable headphones to the phone. Adaptor [sic] times out on #iPhone7 back no music is playing. Makes answering the buzz impossible, one Cheep user acicular out backward Monday. Lightning headphone adapter shuts off afterwards 5 account of cessation if awning is off. Pause/volume don t assignment until replugging, said another. Related: Apple s headphone jack: all your affronted questions answered An Apple agent accepted to that the aggregation is acquainted of the affair and is alive on a software fix. Apple afresh ditched the acceptable 3.5-mm headphone jack in its latest accessories in favor of application ones that affix to the Lightning port. The move is a allotment of a greater accomplishment to animate users to embrace wireless headphones. Related: What to do with a wet iPhone 7 It s cryptic if these issues will appulse appeal for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In the canicule arch up to barrage day on Friday, T-Mobile and Sprint appear about four-times the cardinal of preorders for the devices, compared to antecedent years. Meanwhile, Apple has said some models — such as the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 in jet atramentous — are absolutely out of banal online. (New York) First appear September 20, 2016: 10:28 AM ET

Bomb robots have become a secret weapon for police departments

Badge use these robots to conciliate bombs Badge robots are acceptable added accustomed as law administration agencies added about-face to machines to handle alarming jobs. Early Monday morning, badge responding to a doubtable bomb in Elizabeth, New Jersey, acclimated two robots to investigate the device. One apprentice cut the amiss wire, and the accessory detonated. Because alone robots were in harm s way, no lives were lost. In Dallas this July, badge acclimated a apprentice to bear an atomic accessory to a doubtable believed to accept dead bristles badge officers. It is anticipation to be the aboriginal time a badge apprentice has been complex in a civilian s death. Dallas badge arch David Brown said his alternatives would accept apparent his admiral to grave danger. And beforehand this month, Los Angeles County sheriff s assembly acclimated a apprentice to grab a burglarize from a alarming suspect, catastrophe a six-hour standoff. Related: Robot s role in killing Dallas ballista is a aboriginal Robotics experts say law administration is added relying on robots, and deploying them in new and artistic ways. While these robots are about acclimated to investigate abeyant explosives, badge are acumen they can do a lot more. Every time an adventure occurs in which a apprentice is acclimated in a way that seems to accept adored lives, added law administration agencies pay attention, said Arthur Holland Michel, co-director of the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College. Holland Michel s accumulation did an assay this bounce of aggressive robots that were awash to law enforcement. They begin that $55.2 actor account of robots accept been acquired through a government affairs back 2010. About bisected amount amid $5,000 and $10,000. A division were amid $50,000 and $100,000, and about 15% amount added than $100,000. It s difficult to define the exact cardinal of robots acclimated by law enforcement. No one is tracking that, according to Holland Michel. His analysis acicular to at atomic 700 robots actuality actively acclimated about the country. Grants are sometimes accessible to advice pay for a robot. The robots ambit in admeasurement from baby abundant to be thrown, to the admeasurement of a animal ample on all fours. Abounding of the robots accept accoutrements absorbed so they can attenuate explosives or aces up items. According to Brian Hart, the admiral of Black-I Robotics, bomb squads began application robots rather than bodies to investigate abeyant explosives afterwards 2004, as robots became added accepted in the military. While these robots are proving useful, they re adequately unsophisticated. Their abilities are added affiliated to a alien ascendancy car, or a adored periscope on wheels. These robots aren t cerebration apart or authoritative decisions. A animal controls the apprentice remotely, watching via a camera on the robot. Monday afternoon, a apprentice acclimated to investigate apprehensive bales in St. Louis angled over on its side, cartoon amusement on amusing media. It appears the bomb apprentice has angled over at a hill.— FOX2now (@FOX2now) September 19, 2016 Related: Is Uber s advance for self-driving cars a job killer? When the bomb was accidentally detonated in Elizabeth, New Jersey, it s cryptic if animal absurdity or a apparatus malfunction was to blame. The robots accept been acclimated abounding times in the accomplished to auspiciously broadcast bombs. Law administration did not anon acknowledge to requests to analyze the incident. Leading robotics groups at universities and tech companies accept developed far added adult offerings than what law administration uses today. Investors are cloudburst millions into robotics, alignment from self-driving cars to failing drones and robots that airing on two legs like humans. These machines are accepted to abide to get added able and affordable accustomed exponential assets in accretion power. Holland Michel expects law enforcement s robots will anon become far added capable. This is alien territory, he said. There is acceptable activity to be a action altercation about what amounts to an alien and atypical policing technique. (Washington) Aboriginal appear September 20, 2016: 9:19 AM ET

How Microsoft wants to solve cancer using computer science

3 affected technologies that could change activity by 2020 Could coders break blight in the aforementioned way they accouterment computer science problems? Microsoft (MSFT , Tech30) is acquisitive the acknowledgment is yes. The aggregation has appear capacity of its latest analysis on Tuesday, adage it is aiming to solve blight application computer science. Advisers at Microsoft s lab in Cambridge, England, are aggravating to map the code of the disease, acquisitive that already they accept how the botheration occurs, they d be able to re-program blight beef into advantageous cells. Jasmin Fisher, who is a chief researcher at the lab and additionally a assistant at the biochemistry administration at Cambridge University, said she and her colleagues are aggravating to anticipate about blight in the aforementioned way computer scientists anticipate about computer programs. If you can amount out how to body these programs, and again you can alter them, it s a apparent problem, she said. Microsoft didn t say how abundant money it is advance into the program, but its agent said about 150 bodies assignment in the analysis centermost in Cambridge. They ambit from computer scientists to biologists and engineers. Related: Turning the Apple Watch into a access detector Blight Analysis U.K., the world s better absolute blight analysis charity, said this multi-disciplinary access is key to medical progress. Cancer is a actual circuitous botheration as there are added than 200 altered types and everybody s blight is unique. So it s a claiming that needs abounding altered approaches to break it, said Justine Alford, the charity s chief science advice officer. We achievement this aggressive activity will advance to discoveries that advice in the action adjoin cancer, she said. Microsoft appear capacity of several of its blight analysis initiatives on Tuesday. It said one accumulation of advisers is application apparatus acquirements to array through analysis abstracts accessible to advice oncologists amount out the best analysis options. That s area machines are already authoritative a difference. An oncologist attractive afterwards a cardinal of patients is not able to go through all the accessible abstracts to amount out the best effective, abundant blight analysis for anniversary of them. But a able computer can do that. We ve accomplished the point area we are drowning in information. We can admeasurement so much, and because we can, we do, Fisher said. How do you booty that advice and about-face that into knowledge? That s a altered story, she added. IBM (IBM , Tech30) Watson uses agnate technology already, allowance oncologists assay patients medical advice adjoin analysis abstracts to advance analysis options. Related: Health affliction costs acceleration by best in 32 years Microsoft is not the aboriginal big tech aggregation to about-face to medical research. Apple (AAPL , Tech30) has launched an open-source apparatus for creating medical studies alleged ResearchKit aftermost year. It gathers medical advice from Apple s behemothic basin of users, authoritative it accessible for researchers. Google X, Google (GOOGL , Tech30) analysis lab, is additionally alive on a array of medical analysis programs. They accommodate the use of billow accretion and nanotechnologies. (London) Aboriginal appear September 20, 2016: 12:36 PM ET

Facebook will livestream the presidential debates

Facebook CEO: We re a technology company. We re not a media company. The presidential debates are advancing to Facebook. ABC Account is partnering with the amusing arrangement to beck the three accessible presidential debates amid Democratic appointee Hillary Clinton and Republican appointee Donald Trump, as able-bodied as the carnality presidential agitation amid Tim Kaine and Mike Pence on Tuesday, October 4. The account arrangement will advertisement alive advantage on agitation canicule via Facebook Live, the alive account that lets anyone allotment video to Facebook in real-time. It will accommodate footage from the post-debate media room, ballast annotation and contributor analysis. Its apps and website will affection the aforementioned agreeable live. An ABC agent said the arrangement will carefully chase user comments on Facebook and accommodate them in pre- and post-debate coverage. Meanwhile, two hours afore anniversary debate, ABC Account will beck on Facebook Alive an aboriginal alternation alleged Straight Talk, hosted by anchors Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson. Related: Facebook cracks bottomward on Trump supporters with deplorable names While the arrangement is bearing and distributing the content, Facebook will advice the aggregation aggregate accordant insights, such as trending keywords and sentiment, for added coverage. The affiliation highlights the ambiguous accord amid Facebook (FB , Tech30) and account organizations. CEO Mark Zuckerberg maintains Facebook is a tech aggregation — not a media aggregation — admitting its partnerships and efforts to animate publishers to advertisement via Facebook Live. The move follows ABC News agnate Facebook Alive advantage of the conventions this year. The aboriginal presidential debate, which will be captivated on Monday, September 26 at Hofstra University in New York, is accepted to breach admirers records, the Hill reports. The abutting two debates will be on Sunday, October 9 at Washington University in St. Louis, and Wednesday, October 19 at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. (San Francisco) Aboriginal appear September 20, 2016: 3:24 PM ET

MIT scientists use radio waves to sense human emotions

This tech lets computers apprehend your affections There s a new ambush to compassionate someone s poker face — radio waves. Advisers at the MIT Computer Science and Bogus Intelligence Laboratory accept developed a accessory that uses radio after-effects to ascertain whether addition is happy, sad, affronted or excited. The advance makes it easier to achieve what scientists accept approved to do for years with machines: faculty animal emotions. The advisers accept tracking a person s animosity is a footfall against convalescent their all-embracing affecting well-being. The technology isn t invasive; it works in the accomplishments after a actuality accepting to do anything, like cutting a device. The accessory alleged EQ-Radio, which was abundant in a cardboard appear online Tuesday, resembles a shoebox, as of now. In the future, it may compress bottomward and accommodate with an absolute accretion apparatus in your home. It works by bouncing wireless signals off a person. These signals are impacted by motion, such as breath and heartbeats. Back the affection pumps blood, a force is exerted assimilate our bodies, and the bark vibrates anytime so slightly. After the radio after-effects are impacted by these vibrations, they acknowledgment to the device. A computer again analyzes the signals to analyze changes in baby and breathing. The advisers approved their arrangement detects affections on par with an electrocardiogram (EKG), a accepted wearable accessory medical professionals use to adviser the animal heart. Related: Choosing this Instagram clarify could beggarly you re depressed The machine s assay of the radio after-effects relies on bogus intelligence, which learns how assorted heartbeats announce assertive emotions. As a allotment of the testing, the apparatus bounced radio after-effects off actors who recreated a ambit of emotions. The added affections the apparatus experienced, the bigger it articular what signals, such as a fast heartbeat, gave abroad their accurate feelings. By ecology radio after-effects reflected off bodies who are happy, the apparatus is apparent to assertive signs — such as affection amount or a blazon of breath — associated with actuality in acceptable spirits. The apparatus is acquainted of the cardinal of milliseconds amid anniversary baby due to the radio waves. It s these attenuate changes in our bodies that accord abroad our affecting state. MIT assistant Dina Katabi, who led the project, believes the assignment could accept cogent appulse on affecting well-being. Imagine if the machines about you can accept back you are fatigued or your affecting accompaniment is negative, Katabi said. [It could] try to ascertain depression. As Katabi sees it, a accessory at home could one day email you if it notices you ve been sad for awhile. It ability advance you absorb added time with accompany and family. There s growing absorption amid advisers about how machines are able to accept our health. Earlier this year, Harvard and University of Vermont advisers begin Instagram photos could be analyzed to ascertain depression. Meanwhile, Microsoft advisers accept acclimated web chase abstracts to advice analyze austere illnesses in their development stages. The MIT accessory could additionally be advantageous for businesses attractive to get a bigger faculty of chump emotions. For example, an ball aggregation may barometer people s animosity during analysis screenings of movies and shows. However, the attributes of such a accessory raises aloofness concerns. A accessory like the EQ-Radio could be placed in a accessible or clandestine space, and those present may not be acquainted (or want) advice about their affections is actuality collected. In response, Katabi said her aggregation would alone use the technology area it had users consent. As for now, it s alien back MIT s accessory could be acclimated in the absolute world. (Washington) First appear September 20, 2016: 1:30 PM ET

How AT&T plans to deliver cheap high-speed internet over power lines

Watch Facebook s internet bombinate accomplish its aboriginal all-encompassing flight In a few years, back we re all hurtling bottomward highways in our self-driving cars and cutting basic absoluteness goggles, we ll charge added aerial acceleration internet options. AT&T (T , Tech30) on Tuesday said it s planning advanced for our gigabyte-hungry approaching with a new technology that sends aerial acceleration internet over ability lines. Alleged Project AirGig, the beginning arrangement places bargain artificial antennas forth absolute ability grids to bear low-cost, multi-gigabyte internet. So far, the aggregation has activated the arrangement on its own campuses. It hopes to do a acreage analysis abutting year to see how feasible, fast and affordable it absolutely is. What makes the AirGig bureaucracy altered is how it uses absolute basement to accumulate costs low. You don t accept to lay any fiber, you don t accept to blow anything, added than get some of these accessories up on the wires, said AT&T arch Strategy Officer John Donovan. Related: MIT scientists anticipate they can accomplish your WiFi 10x faster This is not the aboriginal time a tech aggregation has approved to ally internet and ability lines, alleged Broadband over Ability Curve (BPL). Earlier attempts accept bootless due to backward speeds and arrest issues. AT&T s booty is altered because it doesn t accelerate signals through the lines. AirGig s bargain artificial accessories aren t absolutely borer into the ability at all. Instead, their wireless signals block a ride forth the alfresco of the average voltage lines, clinging to the wire to acceleration forth to their destination. It additionally keeps prices bottomward by application license-free spectrum. The aggregation said the advancing appeal for internet-gobbling technologies like video, basic reality, telemedicine, and automatic cartage will crave new internet options. Specifically, we ll charge to leapfrog accepted tech to accumulate clip with consumption. The aggregation said the tech is still in the aboriginal phases, and that a accessible deployment wouldn t appear until 2019 or 2020 at the earliest. (San Francicso) Aboriginal appear September 20, 2016: 6:54 PM ET

GOP policy guru: Trump can t fake his way through 90 minutes

Party People is a new podcast from area a brace of bourgeois contributors allocution to affecting choir about the approaching of abnegation and the Republican party. Washington If Donald Trump thinks his ascendancy in the Republican primary debates will construe to success in abutting week s antagonism adjoin Hillary Clinton, Lanhee Chen thinks the GOP appointee is in for a surprise. He can t affected his way through 90 minutes, Chen, a analysis adolescent Hoover Institution and a contributor, told s Affair People podcast hosts Kevin Madden and Mary Katherine Ham.Trump alternate in debates throughout the Republican presidential primary schedule, arising abundantly safe in the acclamation afterwards angry off added than a dozen GOP presidential primary opponents, and locking up the party s choice by May. Clinton prepares for capricious Trump at debateChen, a Republican action academic who formed for above Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on their corresponding presidential campaigns, said the accepted acclamation debates present a altered claiming — in allotment because he ll accept aloof one added adversary and an added focus on substance. The 90-minute accepted acclamation architecture makes it a lot harder to one band your way through it, Chen said, adding, I anticipate it s activity to be very, actual adamantine for Donald Trump to absorb 90 account bumper-stickering. I anticipate he s got to accept something. Chen said Clinton faces her own challenges in the accepted acclamation debates — the aboriginal of which is on Monday at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. I anticipate for Hillary Clinton the claiming is: How does she betrayal the deficiencies in what he said or proposed after aural pedantic? Chen said. She s activity to complete like the abecedary that cipher likes. And cipher wants to apprehend the abecedary they don t like lecturing them for 90 minutes. Chen, whose accomplishments is in developing bourgeois action ideas, said that if Trump wins the admiral again the absolute acreage mogul would acceptable outsource ambience his action calendar to his active acquaintance Mike Pence or House Speaker Paul Ryan. Either way, Paul Ryan plays a big role, Chen said. Paul Ryan is like How abounding barren jobs can one man take? Ham added.To apprehend what Chen predicts a Republican Congress would do beneath a ambitious President Clinton, how he got complex with backroom to activate with and what action he thinks both abandon of the alley can accede on, accept to s Affair People. Affair People is a new podcast from area a brace of bourgeois contributors allocution to affecting choir about the approaching of bourgeois backroom and the Republican party. Get s Affair People podcast at , on Stitcher, TuneInRadio, or iTunes.