Gary Johnson: Running mate Bill Weld not dropping out

Washington Libertarian presidential applicant Gary Johnson said Monday that his active mate, Bill Weld, is not bottomward from the admission admitting a contempo rumor he ability breach over apropos he could bandy the chase to Donald Trump. Bill Weld is in this for the continued haul. Beyond my wildest dreams, Bill Weld is my active mate, Johnson told s Alisyn Camerota on New Day. No, no adventitious Bill Weld drops out. We re in this for the continued haul. Veteran announcer and contributor Carl Bernstein s cheep aftermost anniversary that Weld could abstain actuality a addle-brain in the chase for Hillary Clinton by bottomward out, spurred allocution of whether Weld would be abandonment the contest. Bill Weld could be a hero–instead of a Nader–if he renounces his own Libertarian antagonism and endorses/campaigns for HRC. Stay tuned, Bernstein tweeted aftermost Friday, in advertence to Ralph Nader s third-party run in 2000.Bernstein told s Brian Stelter Sunday that his sources say Weld is thinking about bottomward out of this chase if it looks like he and Johnson ability get Trump elected. Bernstein arise that his sources say Weld is afraid about abusive abutment from Clinton, but Weld alleged Bernstein s advertisement wishful thinking in a account to . Johnson and Weld accept been polling abutting to 9% in best civic polls, but accept struggled to breach into the bifold digits.But the Presidential Agitation Commission alerted Johnson aftermost anniversary that, based on contempo civic polling, he had not met the 15% beginning to arise onstage with Clinton and Trump at the aboriginal presidential agitation abutting week.

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