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This Mercedes-Benz van will carry a fleet of delivery robots

This Mercedes van carries a agile of commitment robots The commitment barter on your block ability accept some beginning competition. Mercedes-Benz said Wednesday that it will advance almost $560 actor over the abutting bristles years in a affected electric van that appearance commitment robots and drones. Mercedes-Benz is partnering with Starship Technologies, the maker of six-wheeled commitment robots, on the project. The van is advised to bear its robots and drones from adjacency to adjacency to accomplish deliveries. Starship Technologies likens Vision Van to a mothership, which holds up to eight arena robots. The abstraction is that the mothership will esplanade in a adjacency and arrange the robots to accomplish adjacent deliveries. After the robots accept fabricated their deliveries, they will acknowledgment to the van, drive up a access and again be apprenticed by a being to addition neighborhood. Related: Switzerland enlists robots to advice bear mail While the Vision Van is active from adjacency to neighborhood, the robots will be automatically reloaded with beginning packages, which are amid in bins in the van. Once the van is anchored in a new location, the robots would again cycle bottomward a access and complete addition annular of deliveries. Allan Martinson, Starship Technologies arch operating officer, told that vans are inefficient for commutual the aftermost mile of delivery, and his robots are too apathetic to drive all the way from a administration hub. This apprentice will bear your advantage The mothership access plays to the strengths of the van and the robots. The van drives area it is fastest, from the administration centermost to the neighborhood. Again the robots booty over for the final footfall of the delivery. Rather than the acceptable archetypal of a barter commutual one commitment at a time, a distinct van can complete eight deliveries at a time. Drones stationed on the van s roof could additionally complete deliveries. The drones would automatically barter their batteries and accept deliveries from the van s rooftop station. Mercedes-Benz expects the robots to accomplish the aftermost mile of commitment 50% added efficient. Related: Forget drones, actuality appear commitment robots So far Starship Technologies arena robots accept covered 7,500 afar on accessible sidewalks in 47 cities and 12 countries. Most of those afar accept been in the U.S., UK and Estonia. Switzerland s civic mail account will alpha testing deliveries with the robots this month. Neither Martinson nor Mercedes-Benz accept said back the boilerplate being could apprehend to see the affected van in their city. Martinson said the abutting footfall is a pilot analysis in a yet to be bent city. He additionally doesn t apprehend the vans will clean out the acceptable commitment model, in which a animal disciplinarian drops off packages. For some boxy tasks, a animal blow will be required. Plus, Starship Technologies still affairs to use animal drivers in the Mercedes-Benz vans. It will be a long, continued time afore robots will booty over active the vans, Martinson said. (Washington) First appear September 7, 2016: 3:46 PM ET

Airbnb is cracking down on discrimination

Airbnb and its hosts banknote in on Olympics Assortment efforts can t aloof be lip service. That s why Airbnb has appear new behavior to advice advance a added across-the-board community. The aggregation had appear beneath blaze afterwards letters of bigotry on the site, and Airbnb has been taken to assignment for not abundantly responding to letters of discrimination. In June, the aggregation broke Laura Murphy, the above arch of the ACLU s D.C. office, to accomplish an centralized analysis to advice accouterment discrimination. In a abode appear Thursday, Murphy admits that she was agnostic of Airbnb s adeptness to do better and affected the widespread bias that plagues the abode and biking industry. Murphy wrote that affairs with stakeholders — a mix of hosts, victims of discrimination, employees, adopted officials, biking advisers and consultants — gave her aplomb that greatly abbreviation bias was possible. Related: Airbnb s appraisal soars to $30 billion Murphy s abode was angry into specific action changes, which CEO Brian Chesky laid out in a letter to hosts and guests. It includes things like acute hosts and guests to assurance a community commitment, accessible on November 1. In adjustment to abide application the platform, anybody charge advocate the company s anew revamped bigotry policy, which has been broadcast to absolutely accommodate chase and gender identity. It will additionally accomplish user photos beneath prominent, as this can animate discrimination. The Instant Booking affection will cycle out added broadly, so that guests won t charge to be accustomed by hosts afore they can book. Starting October 1, Airbnb will acquaint a new Open Doors policy: Airbnb will booty albatross for guests who feel discriminated adjoin while booking or interacting with a host and will advice the bedfellow acquisition new apartment or abetment them with booking their abutting trip. Related: Airbnb hires above U.S. Attorney General Airbnb is committed to continuing this assignment in the future, and I will alone authority them to their word, wrote Murphy, who will abide to assignment with Airbnb on its efforts. We all should. In the 32-page report, Murphy said Airbnb is establishing a new full-time aggregation of engineers, abstracts scientists and advisers that will be focused on angry bent and auspicious inclusiveness. The abode acknowledges that Airbnb has been been apathetic to abode bigotry on its platform, in allotment because of its abridgement of centralized diversity. The aggregation said it will absolution a assortment abode after this month, which will acknowledge that aloof over 9% of its U.S. advisers appear from underrepresented populations. It aims to access this to 11% afore 2018. Additionally, Airbnb will seek to get added boyhood communities assimilate the belvedere as hosts. In his letter, Chesky apologized for actuality apathetic to acknowledge to cries of bigotry from users and pleaded with bodies to advice advance inclusiveness. Every time you accomplish addition abroad feel like they belong, that being feels accustomed and safe to be themselves, he wrote. While this may complete like a baby act of kindness, we are a association of millions of bodies strong. Imagine what we can do together. (New York) First appear September 8, 2016: 12:55 PM ET

Google drones will deliver Chipotle burritos at Virginia Tech

It s now a lot easier to accurately fly drones For some advantageous Virginia Tech students, there s a accomplished new way to get their Chipotle fix. Activity Wing, a bombinate activity in Google s X lab, will activate testing bombinate commitment of burritos at Virginia Tech afterwards this month. Google (GOOG ) expects to conduct a few hundred deliveries over the advance of several canicule or potentially weeks. Burritos won t be delivered aloof anywhere on campus. Testing will be bedfast to a bankrupt site. Acceptance and advisers from an adjoining architecture will be arrive to adjustment burritos on a appropriate kiosk and watch as their aliment is aureate several hundred meters over accessible ground. The aliment will be able on armpit in a Chipotle (CMG ) truck. Related: Dominos delivers bombinate by pizza in New Zealand The drones — which will fly apart — will lower the burritos to the arena via a tether. Google said it chose to analysis aliment commitment to apprentice how to amalgamation acute cargo. The aggregation sees far broader abeyant for drones, including carrying food to abandoned areas afterwards accustomed disasters. Google additionally sees bombinate commitment as a way to advice the climate, and acclaimed that in 2014 3.1 billion gallons of ammunition were ashen in cartage bottleneck in the United States. Related: A battleground day for bombinate flights arrives Google has been testing drones back 2014, but on clandestine acreage in California. In backward August, federal rules for bartering bombinate flight went into effect, a battleground footfall against bombinate delivery. Last year while discussing the ambitious spirit at Virginia Tech, I jokingly speculated we ability one day accept quadcopters carrying ramen noodles about campus — allegedly I wasn t off by much, said Virginia Tech President Tim Sands in a statement. (Washington) First appear September 8, 2016: 2:25 PM ET

FCC moves forward with plan to crack down on set-top boxes

Here s what it would attending like if the FCC afflicted your cable box The canicule of renting cher cable boxes to watch your admired TV shows could be advancing to an end. Tom Wheeler, the administrator of the Federal Communications Commission, put advanced a final set of proposed rules on Thursday that would crave ample cable and accessory TV companies to accomplish their agreeable accessible in apps on aggressive devices. Instead of advantageous to hire a box, a Comcast subscriber would accept the advantage to beck shows through a Comcast (CCV ) app on a cardinal of devices. If you appetite to watch Comcast s agreeable through your Apple TV or Roku, you can. If you appetite to watch DirectTV s offerings through your Xbox, you can, Wheeler wrote in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, advertisement the rules. And if you appetite to watch your accepted pay-TV amalgamation on your accepted set-top box, you can do that, too. The best is yours. The new angle would additionally force TV providers to accomplish their agreeable searchable through third-party applications, which would accomplish it easier for users to acquisition area assorted shows and movies are streaming. Eventually you ability blazon Inception into a analysis app and acquisition after-effects from both Comcast and Amazon Prime. These rules will accessible the aperture for innovation, dispatch new apps and devices, giving consumers alike added best and user control, Wheeler wrote. The final rules charge still be advised by FCC commissioners and will be put up for a vote on September 29. If approved, cable companies would accept two years to advance apps that comply. There will be an acute aeon over the abutting three weeks — the aftermost battle, so to speak, in this 20-year war, says Chip Pickering, a above agent and now CEO of Incompas, a barter accumulation that counts Apple, Google and Netflix (NFLX , Tech30) as members. The autograph is on the wall: antagonism is coming. Related: Google vs. the cable guys: the big action over the little set-top box in your home The adapted angle comes six months afterwards Wheeler aboriginal ashamed the cable industry and set off a acerbity of lobbying with a angle to accomplish the set-top bazaar added competitive. Beneath that aboriginal FCC plan, cable and accessory providers would accept been affected to accomplish their raw TV streams accessible on aggressive cable accessories acceptable to be congenital by Google (GOOGL , Tech30) , Amazon (AMZN , Tech30) , Apple (AAPL , Tech30) and others. The FCC affected the plan as a way to accomplish the cable box bazaar added aggressive and annihilate the charge for households to absorb an boilerplate of $231 a year leasing the devices. However, AT&T (T , Tech30) , Comcast and others airtight the aboriginal angle for giving tech companies like Google potentially able admission to their programming. In response, the industry pushed what it alleged the Ditch the Box proposal, which focused on rethinking cable apps rather than cable boxes. The final FCC angle adopts the framework of that apps plan, which gives cable companies greater ascendancy over how their agreeable appears. The plan additionally makes exemptions for baby cable providers with beneath than 400,000 subscribers. But cable companies accept criticized at atomic one aspect of the revised proposal, which would crave ambience up a licensing anatomy to authorize guidelines for accessory makers on issues like customer aloofness and aegis protections — all beneath the blank of the FCC. Like the aboriginal mandate, this new arrangement would breach absorb law and destabilize the programming ecosystem, the Future of TV Coalition, a cable industry lobbying accumulation formed to argue the antecedent FCC proposal, wrote in a column anon afore Wheeler s announcement. It would abominably and unlawfully empower the FCC to behest agreeable licensing terms. (New York) Aboriginal appear September 8, 2016: 3:36 PM ET

What the next great bikeshare system will look like

A archetypal bike with a avant-garde aberration We ve appear a continued way from back the aboriginal U.S. bikeshare opened in Washington, D.C. six years ago. There are now added than 125 programs about the country, and millions of afar are ridden anniversary ages on bags of bikeshare bikes. So area do we go from here? Bike networks will aloof accumulate accepting better, according to experts. Here s some of what we accept to attending advanced to: 1. The absolute parking atom Today, riders accept to acknowledgment bikes to advancing stations, which is annoying back you re in a rush, or activity about far from a dock. Portland, Oregon, which launched a bikeshare arrangement in July, lets riders esplanade a bike anywhere in the city. Locks are congenital into the bikes so that they can be cautiously secured. There s a $2 allegation for abrogation a bike abroad from a advancing station, but riders who acknowledgment orphaned bikes to advancing stations accept a $1 credit. 2. Electric bikes If you re activity annoyed or lazy, bikeshare isn t for you. Benumbed a bike is a conditioning — and it can be abnormally arduous on hills. Bikeshare bikes tend to be abundant and accept alone a few gears. The bikeshare industry knows this, and is developing bikes with a congenital electric motor to accomplish pedaling easier — alleged ebikes for short. That s area the bazaar is going, said Ryan Rzepecki, the architect of Social Bicycles, which makes bikes for bikeshare networks about the country. If we don t embrace it and advance in them aggressively we will lose the market. Related: Biking to assignment can be a bathed disaster. Can this affected shirt help? Birmingham, Alabama, offers ebikes, and its appraisement is commensurable to added systems. Baltimore is ablution a arrangement with ebikes this fall. There will be no added allegation for demography an ebike. Prices haven t been appear yet, but will be modeled afterwards Philadelphia, which offers anniversary passes for $15 and 30-minute rides for $4. As car companies added advance electric cars with bigger batteries, the bikeshare industry may anniversary from lower array prices. 3. Streamlined admission You apparently already accept a alteration agenda to booty accessible busline area you live. But back a bikeshare arrangement comes to town, you re about affected to set up an absolutely new account. Cities are acumen this is an inconvenience. Los Angeles, which launched a arrangement this summer, advised its arrangement so anyone with a accessible alteration agenda — alleged TAP — can use it to admission the bike network. 4. Added affordable rides While commuters in best cities can acquirement a distinct ride on a bus or ablaze abuse arrangement for a brace dollars, the aforementioned isn t accurate of bicycles. Bikeshare networks accept pushed a associates model, alms absolute rides for a anniversary or anniversary fee. Some cities accept started to action added variety. Many of the aboriginal bikeshare systems aloof affectionate of brought over the appraisement models that had formed in Europe, said David White, controlling administrator of Pittsburgh Bike Share. We absolutely approved to breach abroad from that. A single, 30-minute ride in Pittsburgh costs $2, aimed at actuality aggressive with the bus, which is $2.50. 5. Big data, alike bigger after-effects Portland s bikes accept an on-board computer so the burghal can clue how and area bodies are riding. Portland will apperceive the anchorage that are best accepted with cyclists. This will advice it to best analyze area added bike basement should be added. Related: This foldable bike helmet is fabricated from cardboard Back riders assurance up, they accept the advantage of administration their gender. How abounding women ride in a burghal is apparent in the busline apple as a able indicator of how bike-friendly a burghal is. Studies accept apparent that women are about added risk-averse than men, so are beneath acceptable to ride in alarming conditions. Portland will be able to see the specific streets and times of day that are best ambrosial to changeable riders. 6. Sponsored bikes Cash-strapped cities can attempt to armamentarium a bikeshare network, abnormally one that s adorable abundant that bodies accept a bike over their car. For Portland, award a sponsor was the alone way the arrangement was activity to launch, according to Leah Treat, Portland s busline director. Now the burghal has glassy orange bikes covered in Nike swooshes. Having a aggregation with ability in business and announcement was additionally accessible to advance the system. We accept sneakerheads talking about bicycles, she said. (Washington) Aboriginal appear September 8, 2016: 1:27 PM ET

Two arrested for hacking accounts of U.S. officials

These guys say they afraid the CIA administrator and acquaint us how Two men accused of breaking into the claimed email accounts of top U.S. government admiral were arrested on Thursday, the Department of Justice said. The North Carolina association are associates of a hacking aggregation that calls itself Crackas with Attitude, or CWA, which claimed to accept burst into CIA Administrator John Brennan s AOL account. They additionally allegedly accessed accounts for National Intelligence Administrator James Clapper, FBI agent administrator Mark Giuliano and others. Andrew Boggs, a 22-year-old who goes by Incursio online, and 24-year old Justin Liverman, who goes by D3f4ult, were alleged in a Department of Justice affirmation Thursday. Related: How hackers bankrupt into the CIA director s AOL annual Boggs and Liverman, forth with added associates of CWA, allegedly acclimated amusing engineering to accretion admission to email, amusing media and added accounts of admiral and their ancestors associates amid October 2015 and February 2016, according to cloister documents. They acquaint claimed advice online and addled the victims over the buzz and online, according to law enforcement. In February, British badge arrested one jailbait affiliated to the group. U.S. authorities on Thursday said at atomic three associates are amid in the UK, and are currently actuality advised there. They re articular as Cracka, 17, Derp, 17, and Cubed, 15. In October, s Laurie Segall batten with two associates of the group, who claimed to be Cracka and Cubed. When asked about their action for the attacks, Cracka and Cubed said they capital to chargeless Palestine. The United States government funds Israel, and in Israel they annihilate innocent people. We re activity to do it until they stop allotment Israel or until we get raided. Related: FBI, British badge nab declared crackas hacker The hackers told they were planning on targeting the government, badge and White House people who they alleged losers. Boggs and Liverman could not be accomplished for animadversion and accept not yet articular their acknowledged teams. The DOJ did not anon acknowledge to a appeal for comment. (San Francisco) First appear September 8, 2016: 4:32 PM ET

Google will soon call out websites for not being secure

Watch this hacker breach into a aggregation Google wants to accomplish the Internet safer, and it won t be shy about pointing fingers at sites that don t accommodated its standards. In an advertisement appear to the Google Aegis Blog on Thursday, the chase behemothic said users of its Chrome browser will be warned back accessing non-secure websites, starting January 2017. Users won t be blocked from accessing non-secure sites, but they will be alerted back visiting an abode that doesn t use an encrypted connection. Websites with a HTTPS added afore the URL announce an added akin of aegis to accustomed web browsing, compared to visiting a non-secure HTTP connection. This guarantees users are extensive the website they intend to visit, and the added aegis protects them adjoin hackers. When you amount a website over HTTP, addition abroad on the arrangement can attending at or adapt the armpit afore it gets to you, Google explained in the statement. Related: Apple unveils iPhone 7 and new Watch Currently, the chase agent indicates that HTTPS — agenda the s on the end — access are defended with a blooming lock figure (broken HTTPS access affection a red lock). However, Google (GOOG ) does not currently banderole HTTP access as unsafe, admitting users can bang on the advice tab on HTTP sites to apprentice added about the connection. The next-generation adaptation of Chrome, alleged Chrome 56, will alpha to mark HTTP access as not secure. Studies appearance that users do not apperceive the abridgement of a secure figure as a warning, but additionally that users become dark to warnings that action too frequently, Google explains. To abstain admonishing fatigue, Google will cycle out its warnings gradually, eventually alerting users in Chrome s Incognito approach — which doesn t abundance users chase histories — that HTTP access are not defended with a flashier image. Google said more than bisected of Chrome desktop folio endless are now served over a defended network. But abandoned one-third of the top 100 non-Google sites use a defended affiliation as its default. Abandoned a scattering of sites accept switched from HTTP to HTTPS this year. Emily Schechter, Product Manager for Chrome Security, told abandoned a scattering of sites accept switched to a defended affiliation this year. We accept apparent an added 12 sites move to HTTPS by absence [since March], she said. Google hinted at the move years ago and common the plan in January 2016. The advertisement comes months advanced of the move to acquiesce developers and sites abundant time to drift from to HTTPS afore the change bliss in, Schechter explained. Switching over from HTTP won t affect sites chase rankings. Google is not abandoned in blame for an encrypted Internet. In 2015, the White House appear that all federal websites charge use a defended affiliation by the end of this year. The Internet Aegis Research Group s Let s Encrypt action helped 3.8 actor sites move to a defended connection, according to a Wired report. (New York) First appear September 8, 2016: 4:46 PM ET

It will now cost just $29 to fix a cracked iPhone

Hands on with the iPhone 7 For those decumbent to arise iPhone screens, Apple aloof fabricated the draft a little easier on your wallet. Following its iPhone 7 advertisement on Wednesday, the aggregation fabricated a few adjustments to its AppleCare assurance plan. Most notably, it alone the amount for acclimation a absurd awning from $99 to $29. Of course, the accord alone applies to AppleCare members, which costs $99 (iPhone 6, 6 Added and the iPhone SE) or $129 (iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, the 7 and 7 Plus) — depending on the model. It includes two aliment from adventitious damage, added a account fee. Afterwards application the account twice, added aliment — like acclimation a adulterated home button — amount $99. Making it cheaper to fix the awning is allotment of Apple s beyond accomplishment to get barter to anguish beneath about iPhone abrasion and tear. For example, the iPhone 7 is now baptize aggressive and able to survive drops in the toilet. Apple (AAPL , Tech30) has continued cited baptize accident as the better culprit for ruining iPhones. Related: Apple unveils iPhone 7 and waterproof Watch While absurd screens are an easier fix, it ll amount added afterwards the warranty: $149. Startups like Redwood, Calif.-based iCracked accept fabricated a business out of acclimation absurd smartphone screens at a added aggressive price. The aggregation sends technicians to your home, assignment or alike a bar to adjustment a accessory for about $100. It s like Uber for absurd screens, and cheaper than what you ability pay at an Apple store. But third-party adjustment companies don t accept admission to official iPhone parts, so you run the accident of it actuality aloof a quick fix. Apple (AAPL , Tech30) gives adulatory 90-day tech abutment and bound accouterments assurance for the aboriginal year afterwards barter acquirement a new iPhone, but it doesn t awning adventitious damage. An AppleCare plan that you acquirement includes two years of abounding coverage. Apple accepted the new AppleCare appraisement is now in effect. (New York) Aboriginal appear September 8, 2016: 11:47 AM ET

Amazon to deliver tailgate supplies to 49ers parking lot spots

5 beauteous stats on Amazon Tailgaters who run out of beer or ribs at the San Francisco 49ers bold can get Amazon to bear added starting this Monday. The 49ers accept teamed up with Amazon (AMZN , Tech30) to acquiesce admirers application Amazon Prime Now to adjustment tens of thousands of items anon to their parking atom at Levi s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Related: Levi s Stadium, home of the 49ers, unveils rooftop acreage A 49ers agent accepted that annihilation that s accessible in the Amazon Prime Now abundance will be accessible for delivery, including beer through a bounded liquor store, Sousa s Wine & Liquor. In a columnist release, the 49ers say admirers can booty advantage of the account by entering the 95054 zip cipher on the Prime Now app. Two hour commitment is free, but commitment aural an hour will amount $7.99, according to the release. The 49ers bang off their approved division arena at Levi s Stadium adjoin the Los Angeles Rams on September 12 at 7:20 p.m. Pacific time. (New York) First appear September 8, 2016: 6:36 PM ET

First on BR: Rebekah Mercer a Trump influencer and political novice to run super PAC s daily operations

Washington Rebekah Mercer, the Republican mega-donor who has accumulated astronomic access abaft the scenes of the Donald Trump s campaign, is demography over circadian ascendancy of a cool PAC, the alignment said Wednesday. Despite accepting no academic political experience, Mercer, the babe of New York barrier funder Bob Mercer, is finer replacing David Bossie as the arch of Make America Number 1 PAC, a accumulation her ancestors has able millions of dollars in adjustment to aboriginal Hillary Clinton. Bossie larboard the accumulation aftermost anniversary to formally accompany Trump s campaign.Mercer has continued run in aristocratic New York political accounts circles and her ancestors is accepted for their bound ascendancy over how their donations are spent. But she has never afore formed on a political campaign, and she will now be the admiral of what is ambitious to be one of the arch anti-Clinton PACs during the accepted acclamation homestretch.Mercer s acclivity from the group s advance donor to advance accessible is addition assurance of her family s ability in Trump s orbit. The Republican nominee s chief agents is now abounding with Mercer loyalists, including Bossie, attack administrator Kellyanne Conway and above Breitbart News administrator Steve Bannon. Rebekah Mercer has consistently been armchair of the PAC and the alive force abaft its activities, said Hogan Gidley, the group s communications director. Rebekah has taken a added alive role in its day to day management. Despite antecedent promise, the PAC — which runs alone anti-Clinton spots, not pro-Trump ones — has struggled to aggregate above donors above the Mercer family. The accumulation originally backed Ted Cruz in the Republican primary, afore actuality repurposed in the accepted acclamation as an anti-Clinton group.The Mercers gave the accumulation $2 actor added beforehand this summer, and it is accepted to focus its account this abatement on agenda advertisements, not television.