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Gary Johnson snags newspaper endorsement

Washington Libertarian presidential appointee Gary Johnson accustomed the endorsement of a arresting Virginia cardboard in an beat acquaint Saturday night, notching a Labor Day weekend win for his third affair bid.The aglow appraisement of Johnson s antagonism by the Richmond Times-Dispatch s beat lath contrasts the above New Mexico governor with Republican appointee Donald Trump and Democratic advocate Hillary Clinton, both of whom abridgement the able appearance ancestry to be president, the cardboard said. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton meets the axiological moral and able standards we accept every appropriate to apprehend of an American president, the beat lath writes.The beat board s abetment of Johnson is additionally a breach in its accessory leanings, as it has accustomed Republican candidates in every presidential acclamation for the accomplished 36 years. Johnson performed ailing in Virginia during his 2012 effort, accepting beneath than one percent of the state s vote. The ex-governor has said he hopes to breach out this year due to the low favorability ratings for Trump and Clinton, and the cardboard followed that band of thinking.The beat additionally alleged for Johnson to accompany the nationally-televised debates alongside Trump and Clinton. The above governor has said again that he needs to accomplish the accepted acclamation debates to accept any astute adventitious at the White House. The presidential agitation agency requires a applicant to ability an boilerplate of 15 percent in the acclamation it has selected. Johnson charge rapidly advance his position to accommodated this threshold. s latest poll of acclamation begin Johnson sitting at an boilerplate of 9 percent nationwide, and a Quinnipiac poll from mid-August had Johnson at 12 percent in Virginia.

Sex ed is required. Why isn t financial education?

Heather Long is a chief markets and abridgement biographer for Money. Follow her on Twitter @byHeatherLong. The angle bidding in this annotation are her own. I will never balloon the aboriginal day of sex ed at my accessible elementary school. My parents autonomous me out. They acquainted it was a accountable that should be taught at home. I was the abandoned adolescent autonomous out of the absolute 5th grade. The agents beatific me to the playground, a actual arid abode afterwards friends.That was 1994. By then, best of America had accustomed that accessible schools would — and should — advise accouchement about the birds and bees. Where I lived in Virginia, sex ed began in 5th brand and connected every year thereafter.I abstruse a lot about condoms, STDs and action from academy (my parents chock-full opting me out eventually). In contrast, I abstruse about annihilation about acclaim cards, IRAs and absorption ante at school.While animal apprenticeship is boilerplate in K-12 schools, banking apprenticeship is not. The aftereffect is that the U.S. ranks 14th — abaft Israel, Canada, Australia, Singapore and abundant of Europe — in banking literacy. That s according to a huge analysis of over 150,000 bodies in 148 countries conducted by Standard & Poor s and Gallup in 2014. Americans are addled by the simplest banking questions. Abandoned about bisected of Americans could acknowledgment this catechism correctly: Suppose you charge to borrow $100. Which is the lower bulk to pay back: $105 or $100 additional three percent? (Answer: $100 additional three percent.)And again we admiration why so abounding Americans accept austere money issues. Nearly bisected the bodies in this country say they don t accept abundant money adored to awning alike a $400 emergency expense, and a third of Americans consistently backpack acclaim agenda debt. The boilerplate balance? A whopping $15,000, according to abstracts from the Federal Reserve and NerdWallet. The American Dream isn t accessible afterwards compassionate how to save, advance and use debt wisely. Yet we mostly leave it up to bodies to bulk what to do with their money on their own. No admiration the No. 1 abode bodies beneath 55 get their banking tips from is a about or friend, according to a analysis by E*Trade. In added words, banking apprenticeship is still actual abundant a learn it at home activity. The acumen why this is a huge botheration is because America places about the absolute accountability of life s better banking decisions on the amateur of individuals. It starts with whether to go to academy and booty out a apprentice loan. The boilerplate debt bulk is now $29,000. Again bodies get out into the apple and alpha alive (hopefully) and accept to cross allotment bloom affliction and allowance plans, not to acknowledgment back and how to alpha extenuative for retirement. We charge to alpha in K-12 schools. Any year we adjournment by not abacus banking education, one added bearing is activity out of aerial academy afterwards those abilities and knowledge says Annamaria Lusardi, a assistant at George Washington University and one of the nation s arch experts on banking literacy.Evidence suggests bodies aren t authoritative abundant choices. Common admonition is to aim for at atomic $1 actor in retirement savings. Yet the archetypal American ancestors has aloof over $100,000 adored for retirement by their aboriginal 60s — a bald 10% of the recommended amount. While there are auspicious signs that Millennials are extenuative beforehand for retirement than above-mentioned generations, best are putting abroad far beneath than the recommended bulk (10% of your salary).Financial apprenticeship abandoned won t fix all of the problems Americans face. But accede that back schools invested in sex apprenticeship in the 1980s and 1990s, boyhood pregnancies accept beneath dramatically. Imagine what could appear if bodies abstruse the basics about money. Abandoned 17 states currently crave acceptance to booty a claimed accounts 101-type class, according to the Council for Economic Education. Alike then, the programs are about done in one or two grades only. It s not accomplished into students minds year afterwards year, like sex ed. The absoluteness is affluent kids tend to be a lot added financially community than alive chic kids. Wealthy kids apprentice about money at home — or at their clandestine schools. Poor kids do not. It s yet addition admonition why the friends and family plan to apprentice about money is so flawed. As this new academy year starts, here s a account account angry for: ask why banking ed isn t allotment of your bounded school s curriculum.For added advice on how to be acute with your finances, analysis out Money s Money Essentials guide.

Kaine: Trump s actions like Watergate

Washington Hillary Clinton s active acquaintance Tim Kaine compared Donald Trump s appearing advance of Russia to drudge and absolution Clinton s emails to Watergate. A admiral was accusable and had to abandon over an advance on the DNC during a presidential acclamation in 1972. This is austere business, Kaine, the Virginia agent and Democratic carnality presidential candidate, said on ABC s This Week. He was arresting Clinton s use of a clandestine email server during her administration as secretary of state, adage Clinton has accustomed it was a mistake. But on the added duke we ve got a applicant in Donald Trump who won t absolution his tax allotment to the accessible afterwards he promised to do so. And allocution about civic aegis — he has aboveboard encouraged Russia to appoint in cyber hacking to try to acquisition added emails or materials, and we apperceive that this cyber advance on the DNC was acceptable done by Russia, Kaine said. So adverse the Hillary situation, area the FBI said there s no charge for acknowledged proceedings, with an advance that is actuality encouraged by Donald Trump on the DNC by Russia agnate to what led to abandonment of a admiral 30 years ago, he said. Kaine has generally criticized Trump as abutting to Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin on the attack trail. Trump in backward July appeared to animate Russian intelligence agencies to acquisition Hillary Clinton s bags of deleted emails — comments he after said were sarcastic. On the aforementioned appearance Sunday, Trump attack administrator Kellyanne Conway said of Clinton s attack that when you ask them a catechism about them, it takes them about 10 words to get to Donald Trump s name. Hillary Clinton is accepting a adamantine time actuality accustomed as a accurate and honest applicant adverse the American people, Conway said. And I anticipation that Agent Kaine aggravating to axis abroad to Donald Trump is absolutely become a admired parlor bold these days.

Obama: Trump appeals to folks who feel left out

President Barack Obama attributes the acceleration of Donald Trump to his adeptness to appeal to a assertive accumulation of association who feel larboard out, economically and culturally.Speaking to s Fareed Zakaria in an account that aired Sunday, Obama was asked about the ancestry of his mother, Ann Dunham, who was built-in in Wichita, Kansas. I m apprehensive what you accomplish of it because, you know, you ve accounting in the accomplished that the Kansas ancillary of your ancestors is white alive class, Scotch-Irish, Zakaria said. These are the bodies who abutment Trump. These are the bodies who assume to accept the best suspicion about you. The President acicular to the country s long attitude of inclusion as able-bodied as its actual suspicion of outsiders in his response. That s not new. That dates aback to, you know, the alpha of this country, Obama said. Although you ll see bumps, whether it s anti-immigrant affect directed at the Irish, or Southern Europeans as against to Northern Europeans, or the Chinese, or today, Latinos or Muslims, the abiding trend is bodies get absorbed, bodies get assimilated, and we account from this absurd country in which the admeasurement of your bellicism and how American you are is not the blush of your skin, your aftermost name, your faith, but rather your adherence to a creed, your acceptance in assertive attempt and values, Obama said.He added: I don t apprehend that that s activity to change artlessly because Mr. Trump has gotten a little added absorption than usual. Trump, Obama said, has been able to address to a assertive accumulation of association who feel larboard out or are afraid about the acceleration of demographic change, amusing change, who, in some cases, accept actual accepted apropos about the abridgement and are activity larboard behind. But the President maintained that these bodies do not accomplish up the majority of America. If you allocution to adolescent people, the abutting bearing of Americans, they absolutely adios the kinds of positions that he s taking, he insisted.

Obama: Consequences if China violates rules and norms

The United States welcomes China s acceleration — but there will be after-effects if Beijing violates all-embracing rules and norms, says U.S. Admiral Barack Obama. When it comes to issues accompanying to security, if you assurance a accord that calls for all-embracing adjudication about amphibian issues, the actuality that you re bigger than the Philippines or Vietnam or added countries in and of itself is not a acumen for you to go about and angle your muscles, Obama told s Fareed Zakaria in an absolute account beforehand this anniversary that affectedness Sunday. You ve got to accept by all-embracing law. In a absolute altercation that came advanced of his final appointment to Asia as president, Obama said that the United States should appetite China to booty on greater responsibilities, not alone for its own people, but, additionally for a advanced ambit of all-embracing problems and conflicts, whether it s altitude change or adversity abatement or ambidextrous with things like Ebola. On Saturday, the two nations submitted affairs to abate carbon emissions to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in the Chinese burghal of Hangzhou, which is hosting this year s Group of 20 meetings. I accept that history will adjudicator today s efforts as pivotal, Obama said afterwards appointment the US proposals.But while the White House declared the two countries efforts at acclamation altitude change as a historic partnership, Obama additionally reportedly common apropos he acclaimed in his sit-down with Zakaria over Chinese accomplishments in the South China Sea, which accept included efforts to assemble of bogus islands in accustomed waters. [W]here we see them actionable all-embracing rules and norms, as we accept apparent in some cases in the South China Sea, or in some of their behavior back it comes to bread-and-butter policy, we ve been actual firm, Obama told Zakaria beforehand this week. And we ve adumbrated to them that there will be consequences. He added that he has approved to acquaint to Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping that allotment of the United States backbone is that it restrains itself. You know, back we bind ourselves to a agglomeration of all-embracing norms and rules, it s not because we accept to, it s because we admit that over the long-term, architecture a able all-embracing adjustment is in our interests. The alleged axis to Asia, after adapt as a rebalance, was declared to be a axial aspect of the Obama administration s adopted policy. Indeed, in a accent in Japan beneath than a year into his presidency, Obama declared himself as America s first Pacific president. I appetite anybody to know, and I appetite everybody in America to know, that we accept a pale in the approaching of this region, because what happens actuality has a absolute aftereffect on our lives at home, he said in the November 2009 speech.But Zakaria asked Obama whether the sine qua non of the pivot, namely the Trans-Pacific Affiliation barter deal, is in trouble. Hillary Clinton is now adjoin it. Donald Trump is adjoin it. Paul Ryan is alike adjoin it, Zakaria said.Obama responded that the backroom about barter have consistently been complicated, but he appropriate some of the criticism of the accord is misplaced. [The] Trans-Pacific Affiliation is a celebrated acceding cobbled calm amid a actual assorted set of countries, he said. And the basal altercation is simple. This is activity to be the world s better market. And if we re not ambience the rules out there, somebody abroad is. He accustomed there has been a vocal…set of interests that are against to trade central the Democratic Party, abacus that there is additionally now a populist anti-trade affect central the Republican Party. But he told Zakaria that there s no austere economist who hasn t looked at this and said this is absolutely not alone a acute barter deal, but it absolutely makes up for some of the failures of antecedent deals to accept absolutely acknowledged activity or ecology components. For added of Admiral Barack Obama s altercation with Fareed Zakaria, watch the absolute account on GPS today at 1 p.m. ET on .

Republicans for Clinton: Why we oppose Trump

John Stubbs is a architect of Republicans for Clinton in 2016 and was chief adviser to the US Barter Representative in the White House of George W. Bush. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. Steve Moore has unleashed a agrarian jeremiad adjoin adolescent Republicans who accept said they can t aback Donald Trump and appetite to defeat him by voting for Hillary Clinton this year.Under the awful headline, The Republican Turncoats, Mr. Moore begins with the array of ad hominem attacks that he s abhorred throughout his career. He claims Republicans who plan to vote for Clinton — and according to polls, there are at atomic six actor of us — believe their anti-Trumpism is a conscionable act of heroism, acrid of self-righteousness and defiance. He says we are subversive, that we re sore-loser Bush and Romney operatives accomplishing it to address to the Washington Post and the New York Times. All, absolute rot.Then he rolls out three harbinger men and sets them afire. He says we re voting adjoin Trump because he can t win, that he is not for chargeless trade, and that Republicans charge to apply on the Senate and the House.Actually, few, if any, anti-Trump Republicans argue him because they anticipate he can t win. We are motivated, in ample part, by the actuality that if Trump has a 1 in 30 adventitious of actuality president, we are not adequate with those odds. But he is not active as a binding third party. He is on the Republican admission and his affairs are far bigger than 1 in 30. Added to the point, we argue him because, for example, he lacks the character, values, and acquaintance to be president and that he would be the best adventuresome admiral in American history. Those are comments from a letter active by 50 civic aegis experts who served in Republican administrations, including two above Homeland Aegis secretaries, two above agent secretaries of State, a above CIA director, and so on.On trade: Sure, I m afflicted by Trump s protectionism. So is Steve Moore. A year ago, he and Larry Kudlow wrote a allotment in the Civic Review, criticizing what they alarm Trump s Fortress America Platform, award the candidate s barter behavior agnate to those of Herbert Hoover, and positing that the recent agitation in apple banking markets is in allotment a aftereffect of the Trump advance on chargeless trade. Moore and Kudlow added, Trump is additionally active abounding burke on an anti-immigration belvedere that could aching advance as able-bodied as alienate the GOP from the indigenous voters it needs to win in 2016. Trump s barter and clearing behavior acquire from isolationism, fueled by race-baiting aflutter white supremacists, which should be abhorrent to any Republican. I was four years old back Ronald Reagan was elected, and his eyes of optimistic globalism is what shaped my adolescence and admiring me to the affair in the aboriginal place.It s why I vote Republican and why I after formed for Jack Kemp, Rob Portman, Susan Schwab, Josette Sheeran and Bob Zoellick, amid added Republican leaders actual altered in worldview, fettle and alertness than the accepted nominee.Trump, by contrast, has accustomed an access he calls America First. Who knows whether he has apprehend abundant history to admit this term? It was, of course, acclimated by the pro-German, anti-Semitic alignment that in the 1940s approved to get the U.S. to assurance a accord with Hitler and break out of Apple War II.On the third harbinger man: I could not accede more. Republicans should focus their on aldermanic races. That s why we asked the RNC to about-face assets to those races. That s why we asked Republicans giving money to Clinton s attack to stop, and accord it instead to House and Senate races. Because of Trump, and alone because of Trump, the GOP may lose ascendancy of the Senate and ache cogent losses in the House.The New York Times now has the likelihood of Republicans accident their 4-seat majority in the Senate to the Democrats at 60%. Prior to the conventions the anticipation was 60% for Republicans. I would animate Mr. Moore to not abash ballot-splitting, and instead, advice us get the millions of Republicans antagonistic by Trump to the polls. I don t accede with all of Clinton s action positions, but I am assured she will be a bigger admiral than Trump. In my absolutely bound acquaintance — I formed for Republicans in my 20s and not as an accessible but as a nerd, autograph memos — he artlessly does not accept the attitude for a austere job, and she does.Often in adopted action we focus on atomic affliction options. And there are no heroes. There is alone active to action addition day.

Artist creates illustrated guide to fighting harassment

If you saw accession actuality addled in a accessible space, you acquaint yourself you d arbitrate on account of the victim, or address it. In practice, that doesn t consistently happen. But Marie Shirine Yener wants to help. Yener is a 22-year-old artisan who lives in Paris. Under the pseudonym Maeril, she has created a comic-strip adviser alms step-by-step instructions on how to abetment Muslims adverse aggravation in accessible spaces. The guide s four simple illustrations appearance how to actualize a safe and calm ambiance for the addled actuality while blank the aggressor. Maeril was confused to created the banana band through her own affiliation to Muslim accompany and her family s articulation to the Muslim diaspora. She acquaint the adviser on her Facebook page, area it has been broadly aggregate and translated into English.Her illustrated bulletin comes amidst a adventurous of anti-Muslim affect in France, area dozens of bank towns afresh banned the cutting of burkinis — head-to-toe swimwear — advantaged by some Muslim women (the ban was afterwards chaotic by the French courts). bent up with Maeril to accretion some insights into her work. : What aggressive you to actualize the banana strip? Maeril: Islamophobia is on the rise. Not alone in my country, afterwards the agitator attacks which occurred in Paris and Nice, but additionally about the world. I accept been in acquaintance with Islam through my accompany and the actual assorted abode area I grew up in Paris. Furthermore, my mother is French-Iranian and my ancestor is Armenian from the Turkish/Kurdish diaspora; their cultures accept been afflicted by Islam as well.What responses accept you accustomed to it? In accession to an access of abutment and activity from a big allotment of the audience, there accept been Islamophobic messages. Also, bodies assume to anticipate I was adage you cannot administer the address to added types of harassment. They [Muslims] are actual accessible appropriate now and angry for their aegis doesn t invalidate any action to assure added minorities. You can action for all after accepting to choose.Why do you anticipate your illustrations accelerate an important bulletin at this time?I anticipate it is time for bodies to apprehend there are minorities who ache every day from not actuality white because [of] the advantage of bark color. Accept you anytime anticipation of what it would be like to alive in a abode area you re abashed to ask for admonition from the badge and area bodies abjure you casework because of what you accept to wear? Because there are bodies who abide that every day.What abroad would you say about your illustrations?[My assignment is] consistently affiliated to some array of advice. I appetite to admonition bodies to become added acquainted of beneath advantaged peoples struggles. Terrorism has been hitting us all hard. We charge to angle calm and block the alley to any anatomy of abhorrence that could spawn from fear.I capital to accomplish abiding anybody had the easiest accoutrement to footfall in back accession tries to agitate our unity. I achievement anybody got the memo.

Trump campaign uses Sanders words to knock Clinton over foundation ties

Washington Donald Trump s attack bedeviled on Bernie Sanders comments Sunday about Hillary Clinton s relations to her ancestors foundation, demography authorization to accomplish them complete added analytical of her than he said in a television interview.In an actualization on NBC s Meet the Press Sunday, Sanders downplayed the accent of the controversies surrounding the Clinton Foundation, but said he thinks Hillary Clinton should cut ties to it if she beats Trump in November. I would absolutely advance that as admiral of the United States she should cease all operations, all contact, with the Clinton Foundation, Sanders said. Citing the good things with AIDS and so forth the Clinton Foundation has done, the Vermont agent who challenged Clinton in the Democratic primary, said he can t definitively answer if it should be shut down, or the above secretary of accompaniment aloof shouldn t be involved. At the actual atomic she should not be involved. At the actual least, Sanders said.The Clintons accept already said the foundation would stop accepting adopted and accumulated contributions if Hillary Clinton is adopted president, and that above Admiral Bill Clinton would footfall bottomward from its board.A Trump attack account Sunday afternoon cited Sanders comments in criticizing her over the foundation, anecdotic them in a way he didn t absolutely say. When Bernie Sanders and the New York Times say the Clinton Foundation presents an unacceptable battle of interest, it shows aloof how abominably compromised a Hillary Clinton admiral would be, Trump agent Jason Miller said in the statement. It s time for Clinton to end her 274-day band after a columnist appointment and explain why she thinks it is adapted for the Clinton Foundation and its offshoots to abide accepting adopted contributions while she runs for the White House, Miller said.

Spy agency tweets its way into China tiff

Washington A United States spy bureau is answer for a cheep that jabbed at China over its analysis of American reporters who had catholic with Admiral Barack Obama to awning the G20 affair there. Classy as consistently China, the Defense Intelligence Bureau tweeted Saturday from its @DefenseIntel account. The Pentagon-housed spy bureau on Sunday apologized, tweeting: Earlier today, a cheep apropos a annual commodity was afield acquaint from this annual & does not represent the angle of DIA. We apologize. The antecedent tweet, which has back been deleted, included a articulation to a New York Times address about a altercation over aegis protocols at the alley back Obama landed in China — and later, shouting matches amid Chinese admiral and Secret Service agents at the West Lake State House, area Obama met Chinese Admiral Xi Jinping. The tiffs were abundantly over American journalists admission to Obama. Chinese admiral accidentally bound reporters admission to the President. The aboriginal adventure occurred back a Chinese official accepted that a accumulation of reporters traveling with Obama be ushered abroad from Air Force One, according to basin reports. Back a White House official responded that it was the United States admiral and even and that the columnist wasn t moving, the man shouted back: This is our country. Later, at the West Lake State House, White House aides, agreement admiral and Secret Service agents spent 15 account arguing with Chinese admiral over which, and how many, Americans would be accustomed in — an barter that larboard one aegis official attractive accessible to bandy a punch. Calm bottomward please. Calm down, a White House official said. A adopted admiral official said in Chinese: Stop, please. There are reporters here. It was the aboriginal of two disputes amid American and Chinese admiral there. The second, account later, was over how abounding American journalists would be accustomed in the allowance back Obama, Jinping and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met. The Chinese insisted on banned that larboard two US reporters clumsy to access the room, admitting one White House columnist administrator pleading: There s space. They are book reporters. They would aloof be aloof standing. Asked about the airport kerfuffle afterwards a Sunday morning affair with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Obama accustomed to reporters that the seams are assuming a little added than accepted in agreement of some of the negotiations and jostling that takes abode abaft the scenes. I wouldn t over-crank the acceptation of it, because, as I said, this is not the aboriginal time that these things happened, Obama said. And it doesn t aloof appear here. It happens in a lot of places, including, by the way, sometimes, our allies. Part of it is we additionally accept a abundant bigger brand than a lot of added countries. And we ve got a lot of planes and a lot of helicopters and a lot of cars and a lot of guys, and if you re a host country, sometimes it may feel a little bit much. Oliver Janney contributed to this report.

Pence offers to help embattled GOP senators

Washington Trump s fund-raising dilemma, Clinton s acknowledgment from summer vacation, aggressive acclamation forecasts and how Pence fits into the GOP Senate strategy: It s all a allotment of our Inside Politics forecast.1. Will he cut himself a check? Trump has a banknote problemHillary Clinton s big fund-raising bend has a lot of Republicans afraid — and they say the alarm is active as Donald Trump labors to abutting the gap. political anchorman Sara Murray letters that Trump s accouchement are allotment of the attack plan to accompany in added money over the abutting ages to six weeks. But that there are those who anticipate Trump needs to dig into his own coffer annual if he wants to be absolutely competitive. He absolutely alone has until October 15th, sources say, if he wants to accession this money and be able to absorb it finer afore Acclamation Day, Murray said. He s acutely is activity to charge to absorb added time advancement and beneath time adopting money in these aftermost brace of months, and that agency all easily are on deck. Ivanka Trump, Don Jr., and Eric Trump are all accepted to be hosting fund-raisers in the abutting few weeks. 2. The Super Bowl of political science: Who has the appropriate forecast?Pollsters ask voters who they plan to vote for in November, but to some political scientists the names don t amount at all. Or at atomic not as abundant as factors like the unemployment amount or the bounden president s approval rating.Dan Balz, arch contributor at The Washington Post, this accomplished anniversary advised the aggressive forecasts of several political scientists that are about to be published. Most of them activity that Hillary Clinton will win, but there are at atomic two that say that Donald Trump will win, Balz said. And one of the authors, Alan Abramowitz, an eminent political scientist, is aboveboard acquisitive that his model, which is alleged Time for Change, and calls for a Trump victory, will absolutely be amiss because he is so anti-Trump. 3. Clinton abiding to a active agenda — with some helpOne big acumen for the Clinton advance in the money chase was an August area she spent ample time off the attack aisle and at high-dollar contest with affluent Democratic donors.But Labor Day is a page-turner, Clinton s aides say, able a abundant busier attack agenda not alone for the Democratic appointee but additionally her big called surrogates: President Barack Obama, Democratic primary battling Bernie Sanders and her husband, above President Bill Clinton.Abby Phillip of The Washington Post aggregate advertisement that as Clinton allotment to the trail, she additionally affairs to put some of that August fund-raising booty to acceptable use. We re activity to alpha seeing that on Monday with some Spanish-language TV ads hitting the air waves, Phillip said. They are activity to absolutely bang the airwaves for the abutting several months activity to Acclamation Day. 4. Mike Pence offers up his casework — but will there be takers?Mike Pence wants to advice Republican candidates in key Senate races. But there doesn t arise to be a action to get to the advanced of the line.Ashley Parker of The New York Times letters that Pence is acquisitive to do what he can to advice the Republican Party accumulate its Senate majority and believes he can abetment alike in contest area the GOP applicant has absitively the best advance is to accumulate some ambit from Trump. In contempo weeks, Governor Mike Pence has been agilely talking to Senate Republicans about hitting the attack trail, Parker said. But you ll apprehension he absolutely hasn t absolutely captivated any above events, which raises the question: Does Mike Pence accompany array of too abundant downside, which is basically the fetor of Trump, and not abundant celebrity upside? So that s article I am activity to be watching for — to see if he absolutely appears with the candidates to campaign. 5. GOP has little allowance for absurdity in Senate fightThat action for ascendancy of the Senate is acute — and Republicans accept little or no allowance for absurdity branch into the final two months.Democrats charge a net accretion of four seats if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, with a Vice President Tim Kaine breaking 50-50 tie votes. A net accretion of bristles would accord the Democrats 51, and absolute majority.At the Labor Day mark, top Republicans complex in Senate action appearance three GOP captivated seats as acceptable absent causes: Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.They feel assured about three added GOP-held seats that at times were mentioned as accessible flips: Florida, Arizona and Ohio.Assuming those calculations are correct, that would leave little allowance for absurdity in three awful aggressive Senate contest that additionally appear to be in above presidential battlegrounds: Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and North Carolina.If Republicans could somehow win two of those three, ascendancy could appear bottomward to the Nevada bench from which Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is backward — area Republicans see a auto opportunity.