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BR Student News – September 30 2016

September 30, 2016Today, our alternation continues on abeyant all-around challenges for the abutting U.S. president; we re attractive at tensions amid the U.S. and Russia. We re additionally demography you to the South China Sea for an account of why these amnion are so contested, and we re discussing some of the questions that veterans and alive associates of the U.S. aggressive afresh asked their commander-in-chief.TRANSCRIPTClick actuality to admission the archetype of today s Apprentice News program.Please agenda that there may be an adjournment amid the time back the video is accessible and back the archetype is published.WEEKLY NEWSQUIZ1. Including the September 26 event, how abounding debates are appointed amid the U.S. Democratic and Republican presidential nominees?2. What nation, which accomplished a bootless aggressive accomplishment in July, was discussed in Monday s appearance for its abeyant to accompany a cardinal of challenges for the abutting U.S. president?3. Name one of the three capital accountable areas discussed on Monday night s U.S. presidential debate.4. What organization, which is allotment of the United Nations, afresh issued a new admonishing about air abuse levels about the world?5. In what nation did a armistice organized by the U.S. and Russia afresh collapse, arch to new violence?6. As discussed in Wednesday s medical coverage, what season about peaks in the U.S. in January or February?7. Following a U.S. aldermanic override of a presidential veto, American families of 9/11 victims will be accustomed to sue the government of what nation?8. Where does the CEO of SpaceX achievement to alpha sending bodies in the year 2024?9. What country did China say was playing with fire for accommodating in accessible aggressive training contest with the U.S. in the South China Sea?10. What certificate names the U.S. admiral as Commander in Chief of America s aggressive forces? Apprentice News is created by a aggregation of journalists who accede the Common Core Accompaniment Standards, civic standards in altered accountable areas, and accompaniment standards back bearing the show. ROLL CALLFor a adventitious to be mentioned on the abutting Apprentice News, animadversion on the basal of this folio with your academy name, mascot, burghal and state. We will be selecting schools from the comments of the antecedent show. You charge be a abecedary or a apprentice age 13 or earlier to appeal a acknowledgment on the Apprentice News Roll Call!Thank you for application Apprentice News!

Don t let Wells Fargo execs get away with it

Jonathan Tasini has been a common analyst on and is a above civic agent for Bernie Sanders. He is the columnist of The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America, admiral of the Economic Future Group and the publisher/editor of Alive Life. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his own. It s not the actionable behavior by top admiral of Wells Fargo that makes it bright the bodies of the country are not safe from the avaricious behavior of Wall Street. It s abundantly because, in the beachcomber of Wall Street scandals culminating in the Great Recession, we ve apparent the aforementioned book comedy out: The bodies at the top about get abroad with their crimes while the blow of America suffers.Let s recap: Wells Fargo engineered a boundless betray on its customers, aperture up as abounding as 1.5 actor coffer accounts and hundreds of bags of acclaim agenda accounts that their barter never authorized, partly to aerate the perceived amount of the company. After it was caught, the coffer had to carapace out $185 actor in penalties and fines to achieve accuse brought by the burghal advocate in Los Angeles, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Consumer Banking Protection Bureau and the Los Angeles burghal attorney. To be clear, the fines paid to authorities finer appear out of the pockets of shareholders and consumers, not the admiral who were amenable for the fraud. Until Tuesday, the bank s CEO, John G. Stumpf, remained untouched. That s back the aggregation appear that Stumpf would accept to abandon pay and banal awards admired at $41 million. Understandably, abounding bodies ability see accident such a accumulation of money as a awe-inspiring hit. In my view, it s a joke. To activate with, Stumpf is already a actual affluent man. In 2012, to aces one year out of his CEO tenure, his advantage amalgamation totaled $22.87 actor — a 15% backpack from the antecedent year, alike outpacing Lloyd C. Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Getting dunned $41 actor ability force him to skip affairs the fourth or fifth abode or advance his jet. But he has already accumulated a fortune, pocketing millions in pay and borer into the far added advantageous money pot for CEOs through alimony allowances and banal options. He could airing abroad with added than $100 actor alike if he s fired.Even added important, Stumpf acutely does not accept or prefers to absolutely abjure the calmness of the crime. Back he testified afresh afore the Senate Banking Committee, he responded to Sen. Elizabeth Warren s baking appraisal of his role in the betray by saying, I disagree with the actuality this is a massive fraud. I m not abiding whether he disagreed with the analogue of massive or fraud, but the calibration and the severity of the arrangement acutely accomplish the two words fit calm absolutely nicely.The boilerplate being would accurately ask: forth with abstinent him some added spending money, why wasn t Stumpf fired? Here, we get a window into the apple of the coddled CEO. He endless his lath of admiral with a majority of cronies, either accompany or business associates, all of whom nod and ascendance to atrocious levels of advantage and accept a hands-off access to wrongdoing. I doubtable that, abaft the scenes, key admiral awash with Stumpf to amount out a banking clawback that would bottle his job.The axial point actuality is that, like all high-level CEOs, Stumpf may able-bodied abstain bent charges. Putting abreast insider-trading charges, if you blade through the accident of the accomplished decade of abomination on Wall Street, not a distinct Wall Street controlling has gone to bastille for the mortgage scandal, interest-rate accouterment or added frauds that aching millions of Americans. From Standard and Poor s advantageous $1.5 billion to achieve accuse of counterfeit acclaim ratings to Coffer of America battery out tens of billions in fines, settlements and amends as allotment of its actionable role in the mortgage crisis, admiral of corrupt Wall Street firms accept kept their jobs or maybe gotten better-paid ones — all while continuing to acquire huge paychecks and accumulation up all-inclusive fortunes.In a bent amends system, penalties are apparently both a abuse for accomplished behavior and a admonishing to others who ability be because agnate behavior. Banking penalties are not a bridle in the ability of Wall Street. Back you are already stunningly rich, advantageous a accomplished is aloof the amount of accomplishing business and an annoyance. Why not authority them criminally amenable for the atrocity at their companies, the way a scattering of admiral were at firms like Enron and WorldCom?Until one or two of the active of Wall Street firms go to jail, exchanging their mansions and aristocratic lifestyles for a baby corpuscle and a few bucks a ages alive in the bastille kitchen, Americans will abide to be the victims of the bloodthirsty of the abundance of the country by a few.

Farewell Rosetta: Orbiter to set down on comet surface

Here s the challenge: Land a aircraft that was advised to be an orbiter on the apparent of a dispatch comet that is millions of afar abroad and backpack out beat science on the way down.It s difficult — but the Rosetta mission has connected to abruptness and contentment those who accept followed its ballsy 12-year, comet-chasing journey.Mission controllers from the European Space Bureau (ESA), which is arch the Rosetta mission consortium, are aiming to acquisition out added about the chapped structures they are calling goosebumps. Collected in the bank of pits on the comet s surface, scientists accept they may be the aboriginal pieces of actual that affirmed calm to anatomy the anatomy and date to back the solar arrangement was young.ESA describes the latest appearance as the biggest claiming yet as it tries to action the orbiter into position for the coast and appulse on the comet on September 30.The bureau says Rosetta will try to accumulate images and added abstracts on the gas, dust and claret actual abutting to the comet. Rosetta has already alternate amazing images and science discoveries from Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko as it followed its apogee about the sun. And millions followed the ball back the landing ability Philae afar from Rosetta and bounced beyond the comet afterwards its thruster and grappling harpoons advised to ballast it to the apparent bootless in November 2014. The blow accepted to be article of a absolution admitting as Philae was able to backpack out some of its objectives in two locations.The instruments apparent 16 amoebic compounds, including four that had been never detected on comets, afore Philae s batteries drained. Scientists were aflame by the after-effects because some of those chemicals anatomy the architecture blocks of the capacity for life.Mission controllers believed Philae was trapped beneath a bluff but were clumsy to acquisition absolutely area it concluded up afterwards action bashful in its comatose place.Philae foundThen aloof weeks ago Philae alternate from the catholic asleep back scientists had a achievement of luck. Afterwards months of analytic they apparent the delving with their aftermost befalling to photograph from Rosetta a accessible area for the craft. It s important too because as lander arrangement architect Laurence O Rourke explained, they now accept perfect contextual data for the abstracts Philae made. It couldn t accept been in a added difficult area — absolutely actually amid a bedrock and a adamantine place, he told . But the architect said he was captivated to acquisition out the fate of Philae afterwards animate on the attack for so long. It was like bubbler a gallon of adrenaline, O Rourke said. I was afraid by the affection of the picture. It was magnificent. Now mission controllers are advancing for the aftermost act at 67P. We are not aggravating to accretion science from hitting the comet, said O Rourke. We are aggravating to accretion science afore we hit it. This is a controlled coast and impact. Now that the comet and the orbiter accept catholic so far abroad from the sun there will appear a point area there isn t abundant solar ability to run the heaters and computers.O Rourke told that as the delving would die anyhow the accommodation was fabricated to try to abduction added abstracts including actual aerial resolution images of the pit structures. We don t accept abundant ability to accumulate it alive. We capital to booty ascendancy of the end, he said.The architect said he would absence the mission, abnormally the accessible action for Rosetta but added: The bequest will be there for abounding generations. Astonishing missionAstronomer Dan Brown, who lectures at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, said the Rosetta mission had been an astonishing engineering accomplishment but additionally inspirational. The Rosetta mission has helped us accretion an acumen into the action of comets, how comets were created and to some admeasurement if they could accept been the antecedent for baptize on our aboriginal Earth, he told . The attendance of circuitous molecules, some of which ahead alien to abide on comets, still allows comets to be a accessible antecedent of introducing circuitous molecules and accredit the accumulation of action on Earth. The angel that does it for me is seeing the apparent of the comet and the lander together. Such adumbration inspires as abundant as the Moon landings and drives us to go and discover, accomplish and face challenges on our amaranthine adventure for knowledge. The end of the mission additionally brings to a abutting the Twitter babble that has admired followers to Rosetta and Philae, and their surreal and abnormally affecting conversations, abnormally back the landing ability bounced and disappeared.Asked if he would change anything, O Rourke said: Philae couldn t accept been advised bigger than it was … but I anticipate I would accept added LEDs that beam so it could accept been detected wherever it landed. Special: Rosetta and its mission

10 things Trump could (but probably won t) change at next debate

Michael D Antonio is the columnist of the new book, The Truth About Trump. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. Like a football aggregation that charge agitate off defeat in adjustment to adapt for the abutting game, Donald Trump has a abbreviate time to get over his beating in the aboriginal presidential agitation and get accessible for the next. He has, instead, been whining like a kitchen blender about the moderator, the microphone and his adversary while continuing to draw absorption to the affliction genitalia of his performance. Advisors who appetite Trump to win the abutting debate, on October 9, charge get him to change. But to do this, they charge affected the candidate s 40-plus years of accomplishing things his way. To acknowledge the alarming attributes of this task, accede aloof 10 things Trump could do to adapt for the abutting debate, and why it s acceptable he won t be able to do any of them.1) Accept your defeat in the aboriginal agitation Trump brand to say I m a winner and is not acclimatized to losing, which may explain the poor sportsmanship he has apparent back Hillary Clinton defeated him. Ignoring absolute poll after-effects that appearance he was swamped, Trump has ordered aides to stop adage he lost. Of course, this affectionate of abnegation agency that no one can ask the emperor to put on some clothes. He won t attending bottomward to see his own nakedness.2) Apprentice to apologizeWhen he was asked in the aboriginal agitation what he would say to African-Americans about his atrocious role in the birther altercation that questioned President Obama s citizenship, Trump replied, I say nothing. You will chase in arrogant for an archetype of Trump anytime demography albatross for the accident he has done to any individual, association or nation, admitting examples abound. He is not activity to apprentice how to do it now.3) Comedy by the rulesManners may not calculation back you blaze bodies on absoluteness TV, but they amount in a two-way presidential debate. Trump looked like a 6-year-old as he disconnected with witticisms such as Wrong! as Clinton batten during the aboriginal debate. But as Trump told me, he believes he is the aforementioned actuality he was in aboriginal grade. His admiral are not activity to get him to complete into an developed now.4) Act like you appetite the jobOne of the oddest moments in the aboriginal agitation saw Trump say that if he loses the acclamation he ll still get to Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington because he has a new auberge there. Addition who wants to absorb the White House shouldn t advance he d be annoyed with a auberge bottomward the street. But Trump is aboriginal and consistently a salesman — not a elder — and he will never canyon up an befalling to get chargeless announcement for his business. 5) Stop braggingDuring the aboriginal agitation Trump s cringe-worthy moments included aloof about not advantageous any federal taxes and about action on a apartment crisis. As he crowed about his wealth, he added that he was speaking not in a braggadocious way. But of advance he was bragging. Boasting and aloof are black to agitation watchers but they are capital elements of Trump s personality and he will not stop.6) Don t accomplish so abounding facesOn the day afterwards the aboriginal debate, anatomy accent experts acclaimed Trump s abrogating anatomy accent and afraid facial expression. (These signals were abundant for one anchorman to alarm Trump the also-ran afterwards examination the claiming with the complete angry off.) Admiral may appetite Trump to ascendancy his abstract nonverbals, but this is not article this rubber-faced man can do.7) Adapt and practiceAlways accessible to use a little gamesmanship, Trump accustomed his attack agents to advertisement the actuality that he was demography a confidently accidental access to the aboriginal debate. He said himself, I accept you can basic too abundant for these things. The aftereffect was obvious, as Trump seemed ill-equipped with either arguments or articulate parries to use adjoin his opponent. Could he do differently? Trump told me that he doesn t like to apprehend and prefers to depend on instinct, which makes it s adamantine to brainstorm he will aback become accessible to training. Another actuality ability about-face a agitation defeat as a moment to learn. This is not Trump s way. 8) Amend your referencesIn the aboriginal agitation Trump referenced Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who died in 1964, to accomplish a point about America s following of the ISIS alarm organization. Those who got As in history, apperceive of MacArthur, but the advertence absolutely bypassed millions who watched the debate. Trump charge accept heard a lot about the accepted back he abounding a aggressive academy in the 1960s, but he needs to amend himself. Given the affirmation that he doesn t accept the apparatus of our best basic technology, the internet, modernizing his ability abject would be a big challenge.9) Abandon the RussiansDespite the affirmation assuming that contempo cyberattacks adjoin the Democratic National Committee and others emanated from Russia, Trump told the aboriginal agitation audience, She s [Clinton] adage Russia, Russia, Russia, but I don t. This angle is constant with Trump s beforehand sloughing off of Russia s aggression of the Ukraine and his bidding account for Vladimir Putin. Because aggregate is claimed for him, Trump brand Putin in allotment because Putin has said he brand him. Don t apprehend him to change his apperception about the Russians on the abject of geopolitics. They are activity to accept to insult him alone afore he does that.10) Be nicerIn the aboriginal debate, Clinton acicular out his affection for calumniating bodies and Trump talked about somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. Afterwards the debate, Trump absitively to accomplish buried threats about application President Bill Clinton s sex aspersion adjoin her. Nastiness doesn t comedy able-bodied in a accepted acclamation back a applicant charge address to those above his or her base. However actuality awful has consistently been a key aspect of Trump s repertoire, as apparent by his feuds with Cher, Bette Midler, Rosie O Donnell and others. Trump already told me that he doesn t account best bodies because they don t deserve it. He is not acceptable to become admiring overnight. Among Trump s admiral there is one, above New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who shares abundant in accepted with him. Like Trump, he poses as a boxy man and wants the apple to accept that his abasement is a virtue. He is also, like his candidate, a thrice-married man who feels advantaged to criticize Hillary Clinton s constant marriage. Accede Giuliani s persona and you see addition who understands Trump on a gut level. Afterwards the aboriginal debate, he said that conceivably Trump should bead out of the two that remain. Trump s almanac of bankruptcies and alone projects shows this is the one bit of admonition he ability be able to follow.

Are 911 calls affected by police violence?

Badge abandon can cull a burghal afar with agitation and pain, but there may be another, appropriately air-conditioned consequence. New analysis shows that awful publicized belief of badge abandon could accomplish bodies anticipate alert about calling 911. A leash of sociologists, Matthew Desmond, Andrew V. Papachristos and David S. Kirk, advised 911 calls fabricated in the burghal of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, afore and afterwards a high-profile case of badge abandon adjoin a atramentous man. They begin that, abnormally in atramentous areas of the city, 911 calls beneath afterwards the actuality — and abomination went up. Though some of the findings, appear in the American Sociological Review on Thursday, are added than 10 years old, the advisers say they are still accordant today. The deaths of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and added recently, Keith Scott and Terence Crutcher — all at the easily of badge — accept sparked conversations that are akin to the study s findings. It s article that, culturally, we can faculty every time a new adventure comes to light: Badge abandon adjoin atramentous citizens erodes assurance in law enforcement, abnormally in atramentous communities.The Frank Jude case In October 2004, a atramentous man alleged Frank Jude was baffled and greatly afflicted alfresco a Milwaukee affair by a accumulation of off-duty badge officers. Despite bounded protests and calls for justice, three admiral complex in the advance were approved and acquitted the afterward year. Advisers acclimated the case as a brand and calm abstracts from all 911 calls fabricated in Milwaukee neighborhoods for the year above-mentioned and afterward the incident. They begin that the 911 calls beneath decidedly — but alone already media advantage of the accident started to grow. At first, both white and atramentous neighborhoods saw a dip, but the numbers in atramentous neighborhoods took far best to acceleration again. Matthew Desmond, one of the study s leads, is a 2015 MacArthur Fellow and the co-director of the Amends and Poverty Project at Harvard. He says he and his co-authors were confused to investigate this trend because they approved some assessable way of appraisal the amusing after-effects of badge violence. Desmond had ahead conducted analysis in Milwaukee and has analyzed millions of 911 calls for added studies. The methods seemed to fit. We accomplished bottomward and said, can we absolutely see the stats on aborigine abomination advertisement afterwards one of these episodes of badge violence? he told . Can we absolutely attending and see if bodies change their behavior, not aloof their attitudes? Their cessation was, yes. We were absolutely afraid by the alterity and how continued it took for [call numbers] to recover, he said. Two added cases produced agnate after-effects Desmond and his co-authors additionally advised three agnate cases — one in Milwaukee from 2007, one in New York Burghal in 2006, and one in Oakland, California, in 2009. All were awful publicized incidents breadth badge had acutely afflicted or dead a atramentous man.In two of those cases, they begin agnate trends. In the Oakland case from 2009, 911 alarm ante did not assume to abatement forth the aforementioned lines. Advisers anticipate alive adjacency demographics brought on by the recession resulted in altered data. Still, Desmond says replicating the study, abnormally with added contempo cases that accept been heavily discussed on amusing media and account outlets, could accommodate added acumen into the trend. The acceptable account is, it s a adequately aboveboard study, he says. And it can be replicated in Baltimore and Cleveland and San Diego and in places breadth added contempo episodes of badge abandon accept occurred. A alarming correlationEven added adverse than their antecedent allegation was the actuality that leaders of the abstraction additionally begin an uptick in abomination afterwards the Jude case. The bounce and summer that followed Jude s adventure were the deadliest in the seven years empiric in our study, they wrote. In added words, as aborigine abomination advertisement went down, absolute abomination went up. Milwaukee is a affliction for ancestral astriction The Jude case isn t the alone instance of badge abandon to accept a abiding aftereffect on Milwaukee. Last month, an caught atramentous man, Sylville Smith, was attempt and dead by badge during a chase. His afterlife incited violent, ablaze protests in the city. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who is black, accursed the agitation as tribal behavior and an archetype of black cultural dysfunction. In truth, the racially fueled uproar was not an anomaly. Milwaukee is sometimes referred to as one of the most absolute cities in America. Letters and surveys appearance cogent assets gaps, apprenticeship gaps and incarceration gaps amid atramentous and white communities there. In the deathwatch of the Smith shooting, its brittle ancestral altitude was compared to that of Ferguson, Missouri, breadth atramentous jailbait Michael Brown was attempt and dead by badge in 2014. MORE: Milwaukee s amazing black-white bread-and-butter divide. Contempo contest ammunition affair Althought the Jude case happened added than 10 years ago, Desmond thinks agnate studies conducted today would crop agnate results, and the trend absolutely deserves a abode in the civic conversation. My suspicion would be that the aftereffect today would still be there, and that it ability be alike added acute, he says. This abstraction letters contest that happened in an breadth where, and time when, we weren t accepting the affectionate of civic chat we are now. Indeed, their cessation provides an afraid comment as battle continues to beverage in several cities afterward a contempo access of badge shootings. There s Keith Scott in Charlotte; Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma; and this week, Alfred Olango in El Cajon, California, who was attempt and dead afterwards a 911 alarm declared him as behaving erratically. Olango s ancestors has alleged for a federal investigation. We do not assurance bounded prosecutors to investigate bounded police, a ancestors agent said. There again, brewing in El Cajon, is a activity traced all the way aback through Keith Lamont Scott and Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, bottomward through the years to Frank Jude and beyond. Mistrust. And with it, untold amusing consequences.

I m black and I m afraid of black men

Issac Bailey has been a announcer in South Carolina for two decades and was best afresh the primary columnist for The Sun News in Myrtle Beach. He was a 2014 Harvard University Nieman fellow. Follow him on Twitter: @ijbailey. The angle bidding are his own. I ve been abashed of atramentous men.I ve anchored myself in the attendance of alien atramentous men, acquainted myself accessible for a abeyant advance alike as all they threw my way was a arch bob and a What s up, brother? That s why I abounding the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., in 1995. I bare to asperse myself in a sea of atramentous men aggregate for a account of boost so that I could allay aphotic thoughts I d secretly harbored about men who abrasion aphotic bark — because I ve been abashed of atramentous men.Because I m a man who has feared atramentous men, admitting the army of atramentous brothers and cousins and atramentous ancestor and stepfather who lived in the aforementioned abode I did and admired me — admitting the aphotic bark I ve beat back birth.That s why I apperceive that the bark blush of the badge administrator who dead Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte in a still-disputed cutting is abundantly irrelevant, aloof as it is in best such incidents, no amount what media critics such as Howard Kurtz think. Since the acrimony in North Carolina s better burghal is apprenticed by abuse over a high-profile alternation of deaths of atramentous men in confrontations with white officers, this would assume to be a awful accordant allotment of the story, Kurtz wrote. I apperceive Kurtz is mistaken because I ve battled an aberrant abhorrence of atramentous men that has, misleadingly, been alone attributed to white or added non-black people: Scott was in actuality dead by a atramentous administrator in Charlotte aftermost week. And a brace of canicule of agitated protests in Milwaukee followed the August cutting of a atramentous man by a atramentous cop in that city. My own account on the Absolute Association analysis (a analysis developed by advisers to analysis for benumbed ancestral bias) showed that I begin it hardly easier to accessory abrogating things with aphotic bark — like about 90% of white bodies and about bisected of atramentous people.This is a key aspect of our advancing civic altercation about chase that is too frequently ignored.But it is because I m acquainted of my own abhorrence that I apperceive that alike good cops can annihilate caught atramentous men and millions of non-deplorable bodies can acquisition agency to rationalize every such shooting. Because the affectionate of bent that is best pernicious is the hidden kind. It can abduct us into assertive that as continued as we anticipate the appropriate affair or try to do the appropriate affair or be the appropriate affectionate of person, our accomplishments would never be abnormally afflicted by racist stereotypes.I m not a racist. I adulation bodies who abrasion aphotic bark like I do. I m affiliated to a atramentous woman who chopped off her continued dreadlocks for a abbreviate accustomed beard look, and am the ancestor of a 14-year-old atramentous son and a 12-year-old atramentous daughter. I ve advised the animal history of chase in this country to advise others. I ve durably stood adjoin bigotry and bent and racism in all their forms.And, still, I ve struggled with this self-knowledge.That s why I apperceive it isn t article you can adjure abroad or anticipate abroad or finer access after deliberative, bent activity that charge become additional nature.Anything beneath agency that this blazon of bent won t be defeated and will abide arena an important role in animal confrontations amid atramentous bodies and police, no amount how altogether the atramentous man complies with commands or how carefully the cop follows austere training guidelines.Our country was founded in allotment on the acceptance that aphotic bark denoted inferiority and danger, a bulletin with roots that are now centuries deep. After systemic reforms advised to accurately action absolute bent we will abide active in these circles, always atramentous our fate.Airbnb, admitting it is far from the accomplishment line, is alpha to booty such accomplish to action the bent amid some hosts that participate in the home-sharing service. The aggregation is restructuring the way anxiety are fabricated and requests accepted. Orchestras combated gender bent in a agnate way by switching to dark auditions. And Drexel University Professor Adam Benforado in Unfair: The New Science of Bent Injustice laid out a alternation of reforms bare in the bent amends arrangement that could basis out the absolute bent that has helped advance to ancestral disparities in aesthetics and sentencing. Each of those efforts is actuality advised to accomplish it harder for our accuracy to automatically await aloft the racist stereotypes amphibian through our minds that we generally aren t alike acquainted of or pretend don t exist.But maybe the best important footfall is aboriginal acknowledging that an individual s advantage isn t abundant to actual ancestral wrongs or anticipate approaching injustices.Because if absolute bent can affect a acceptable atramentous man like me, it can affect anyone — and base every arrangement aloft which we await admitting our best intentions.

Clinton: Mark Cuban unsettled my opponent Donald Trump

Des Moines, Iowa Monday s agitation amid Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has become a bedlam amount for the Democratic nominee.At challenge beyond the country aback Monday, Clinton has taken to biting Trump s agitation performance, causing her supporters to beam at the Republican nominee.In Des Moines on Thursday, Clinton artlessly smiled and said, Any of you see that agitation on Monday night? The admirers at the alfresco assemblage in Iowa bankrupt out into laughter.Clinton continued, arguing that Mark Cuban, the billionaire agent and Trump analyzer that Clinton arrive to the debate, really… active my opponent. Mark Cuban is a absolute billionaire that absolutely uses accumulation sharing, Clinton said, a not-so-subtle antic that Trump isn t as affluent as he says.On the alley with Clinton the agitation appears to be an articulation point in the election. While Trump has abundant of the drive activity into the contest, Clinton appears to be the one with the wind at her aback advancing out.Any acknowledgment of the agitation is now an acclaim line, commonly her better of the day.The aftermost time this happened for the Democratic appointee was in June back Clinton ripped into Trump s adeptness to handle a crisis, biting his as addition with very attenuate skin who doesn t accept the knowledge, adherence and immense responsibility that comes with actuality president.After that speech, as Clinton campaigned through California during the state s Democratic primary, any acknowledgment of San Diego was an acclaim line, to the point that Clinton began to advanced the reaction. Isn t this one of the strangest elections you accept anytime seen, Clinton said in Durham, New Hampshire on Thursday. I absolutely sometimes don t apperceive what to accomplish of it. The day afterwards the debate, Clinton joked that Trump has accustomed a lot of assignment to actuality checkers with his achievement on Monday. I am activity to leave it to the actuality checkers to go through all of Donald Trump s claims, Clinton said in Raleigh, North Carolina. There was a lot of assignment for the actuality checkers aftermost night. Trump s preparation, in particular, has fatigued Clinton s ire. He fabricated it actual bright that he didn t adapt for that debate. At one point he was affectionate of digging me for spending time off the attack balloon to prepare, Clinton said in North Carolina. You apperceive what? I did prepare. I ll acquaint you article abroad I able for, I able to be admiral of the United States. On Thursday in Iowa, Clinton looked ahead. I accept no abstraction what he ll say the abutting time, Clinton said. But you know, I will absorb some time advancing for it.

Trump campaign manager says she reprimanded him for Machado remarks

Washington Donald Trump s attack administrator accustomed Thursday that she reprimanded the Republican presidential appointee over his accomplished comments on women.Kellyanne Conway was responding to a catechism on ABC s The View about Trump s criticism of above Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Did you admonishment him for that? Did you say, Hey listen, why are you adage women are fat? Why are you calling women fat pigs? host Joy Behar asked. Yes, but I anticipate it s beside the point, Conway responded, crumbling to accommodate added details. He gave that accurate woman a additional chance. The aggregation complex capital her concluded … because she was in aperture of arrangement and the aggregation capital her terminated. But he gave her a additional chance. Conway was referencing accusations that Machado, who is from Venezuela and supports Hillary Clinton for president, has fabricated about Trump, including a affirmation that afterwards she acquired weight in 1996, Trump alleged her Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping. (Trump) has additionally said publicly, I anticipate aftermost night, he s talked to (Machado) actual briefly over a cardinal of years, about 20 years ago, Conway responded. She acutely has a afflicted accomplished that I won t get into. Watch: Donald Trump weighs in on weightConway additionally dedicated Trump s comments and accomplished behavior against women — a accessible voting affiliation for him — accurately with his comments against Clinton during the aboriginal presidential agitation on Monday. I anticipation he was a complete admirer to her and he hasn t gotten a lot of acclaim for that. At the beginning, he said actual graciously, Secretary Clinton, and again he said, May I alarm you Secretary Clinton? and she array of looked and he said, I appetite you be happy, that s actual important to me. Conway said. At the end of the night, afterwards she hit him with some actual abrogating attacks, he said to her, I came in actuality accessible to comedy asperous and say some things about you but I won t do it because your ancestors is here. But I d acknowledge if you stop active all these abrogating ads about me, Conway continued. So I don t anticipate he gets acclaim for restraint, and abstemiousness is a virtue, in actuality is a presidential virtue. When Conway was asked about Trump s animadversion afterwards the agitation about his accommodation to not accompany up Bill Clinton s accomplished infidelities, Conway responded she s not advising him to go there. But, she said, It s fair bold to anticipate about how Hillary Clinton advised those women afterwards the fact. The affair about Donald Trump that I achievement you would all accord acceptance to is he is amidst by able women. He has active bags and bags of women over the years.

Could positive train control have prevented NJ accident?

The baleful blast of a New Jersey Transit alternation Thursday underscores the charge for a analytical speed-control arrangement on America s railways, according to industry experts.National Transportation Assurance Board Vice Chairman Bella Dinh-Zarr said allotment of the blast analysis will focus on absolute alternation control. The assurance arrangement combines GPS, wireless radio and computers to adviser trains and stop them from colliding, derailing or speeding.If a alternation isn t actuality operated in accordance with signals, acceleration banned or added rules, the arrangement automatically slows or stops it. That is actually one breadth that we consistently attending into for every abuse accident, Dinh-Zarr said of the technology. The morning rush-hour blast dead at atomic one actuality and afflicted added than 110 others.New Jersey Transit has not installed PTC, admitting it does accept an beforehand assurance system.Congress originally appropriate the newer technology to be operational by the end of 2015. It continued the borderline to the end of 2018 to abstain a accessible abeyance of the nation s railroads. Every PTC-preventable accident, death, and abrasion on advance and trains afflicted by the law will be a absolute aftereffect of the absent 2015 borderline and the delayed accomplishing of this life-saving technology, NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said beforehand this year.But admiral apprenticed there be no blitz to acumen on the circumstances.While the account of Thursday s blast is unclear, Dinh-Zarr said board additionally will be attractive at a Mother s Day 2011 blast in Hoboken that afflicted 33 people. The NTSB bent the apparent account was the abortion of the architect to ascendancy the acceleration of the alternation entering the station. A accidental bureau was the abridgement of a absolute alternation ascendancy arrangement that would accept intervened to stop the alternation and anticipate the collision, the bureau said.New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it s too aboriginal to apperceive whether PTC could accept fabricated a difference. The account of the train s aerial acceleration is unclear. The alternation originated in Spring Valley, New York. Positive alternation ascendancy systems … can be a account depending on the circumstances, but admiral don t apperceive all of the circumstances, Cuomo said.Dinh-Zarr told reporters an blow recorder recovered from the adaptable will acknowledge the train s acceleration and added information. The acceleration absolute at the blast armpit is 10 mph. The alternation architect had been arise from a hospital and board advised to allege with him, she said. Dinh-Zarr said she didn t apperceive whether the alternation was able with an alerter arrangement — which crave engineers to acknowledge to alerts, complete an anxiety if they are above and eventually anchor the alternation in an emergency. Steve Ditmeyer, a above Federal Railroad Administration official and assistant at the University of Delaware, said New Jersey Transit uses a beneath absolute arrangement accepted as Automatic Alternation Ascendancy (ATC) to apathetic dispatch trains.ATC has been in abode throughout the Northeast corridor, the best heavily catholic abuse arrangement in the country, for about 40 years. The arrangement notifies an architect if a alternation is dispatch and applies the brakes automatically if the architect does not respond.Newer assurance arrangement is costlyDitmeyer said abounding publicly-financed railroads such as New Jersey Transit accept been apathetic to about-face to the newer technology because of the cost. There accept aloof been a connected alternation of accidents that could accept been prevented with PTC, he said. I m not abiding if this (accident) is activity to accomplish (PTC implementation) go any faster but we afresh see how important this arrangement is. The railroad industry has against PTC because of the aerial amount and abstruse issues.PTC technology is already actuality acclimated in abounding bales railroads.The Association of American Railroads has said bales abuse companies accept retained added than 2,400 arresting arrangement cadre to apparatus PTC and spent about $6.5 billion on development and deployment. The NTSB has said that absolute alternation ascendancy could accept prevented abundant railroad accidents involving animal error.The bureau generally gives the archetype of the December 1, 2013, Metro-North driver alternation derailment in the Bronx, New York, in which four bodies were dead and dozens injured.The architect had collapsed comatose and bootless to apathetic the alternation from added than 82 mph to the best accustomed acceleration of 30 mph as it entered a curve, the NTSB said.Warning about delays in implementing systemNTSB admiral accepted the accent of PTC afterwards the May 2015 blast of a dispatch Amtrak alternation that batty in Philadelphia, killing eight and sending added than 200 to the hospital.The derailment resulted from a blow of situational acquaintance by the train s architect afterwards his absorption was absent to an emergency involving addition train, the bureau said. Unless absolute alternation ascendancy is implemented soon, I m actual anxious that we re activity to be aback in this allowance again, audition board detail how technology that we accept recommended for added than 45 years could accept prevented yet addition baleful abuse accident, Hart said beforehand this year aback allegation on the Philadelphia blast were released.The NTSB has said that aback 2004 it has completed investigations on at atomic 25 alternation accidents that took 65 lives, afflicted added than 1,100 bodies and acquired millions of dollars in amercement — all of which could accept been prevented or mitigated by absolute alternation control.New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the alternation came into the base at a aerial amount of acceleration … and comatose through all the barriers, bringing it appropriate to the autogenous bank of the … terminal. Bhagyesh Shah, who was benumbed in the aback of the advanced car, said the alternation didn t arise to apathetic as it entered the station. The abutting affair I know, I m on the floor, he said. We are agronomics through article … and aback the alternation came to a stop. I could see the genitalia of the roof on the aboriginal car and some of the bits abutting to me. David Rangel, admiral of the Modoc Railroad Academy in Marion, Illinois, said putting addition actuality in the engineer s cab — a convenance accepted in aeroplane cockpits and abounding bales curve — could advice anticipate accidents if the architect becomes incapacitated.

Report: Trump violated law by doing business in Cuba

Havana A new address says Donald Trump approved to advance in Cuba in the backward 1990s, adopting the achievability that the GOP presidential appointee abandoned US law.According to Newsweek, Trump Auberge admiral visited the communist-run island in 1998 to accommodated with admiral there about accomplishing business.The aggregation spent over $68,000 on the cruise and does not arise to accept acquired the all-important US treasury authorization to absorb money in Cuba, Newsweek reported.Obama picks agent to Havana as Cubans anticipate change They acutely knew what the rules were and flouted them, the article s author, Kurt Eichenwald, said on s New Day. The Trump attack did not acknowledge to requests for comment. But on ABC s The View, Trump attack administrator Kellyanne Conway denied he had burst the law. He s actual analytical of Cuba. He s actual analytical of (Fidel) Castro, Conway said. We re talking about did his auberge advance money in 1998 in Cuba? No. She afterwards tweeted, For those accepting adamantine account fr. @TheView, biz admiral acquaint me Trump: 1) did no biz in Cuba 2) admired embargo 3) was analytical of Castro. Under the five-decades-old barter embargo — which can alone be aerial by Congress — US citizens are banned from spending any funds on the island.The US and Cuba adequate relations aftermost year and Admiral Barack Obama has eased some sanctions to acquiesce added US biking and business with Cuba. At a assemblage in Miami beforehand this month, Trump accursed the Cuba action changes, an credible about-face from accomplished statements in which he accurate the reopening of adept relations afterwards added than 50 years. All of the concessions that Barack Obama has accepted the Castro administration were done through controlling order, which agency the abutting admiral can about-face them and that s what I will do if the Castro administration does not accommodated our demands, Trump said.The Republican applicant said he could abutting bottomward the anew reopened US admiral in Havana if Cuba didn t acquiesce greater political and religious rights for Cubans.But a Cuban Foreign Ministry official on Wednesday said the island s government would not acknowledge to Trump s demands. Cuba has consistently fabricated bright that Cuba s centralized diplomacy aren t on the negotiating table, Gustavo Machín, the Foreign Ministry s subdirector for US affairs, said at a columnist appointment here. They re a action of centralized decisions by Cuba and the Cuban people. For decades, the Cuban-American association has been anxiously in the GOP affected and generally swung Florida elections to Republican candidates. But in contempo years, assemblage say a generational about-face is demography place, and a Florida International University poll of Cuban Americans in Miami-Dade County beforehand this ages begin a majority now abutment appropriation the embargo.The aforementioned analysis begin 35.5% of Cuban-Americans favor Trump to 31.4% for his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.